Viewing the Spring Wild Flowers



Spring wild flowers of the Cederberg & West Coast

The spring wild flowers of the Cederberg & West Coast, and north to Namaqualand enjoy a well-deserved reputation. These areas receive little rain throughout the year. The winter rains typically fall between May and into August. And afterwards the arid landscape becomes a carpet of wild flowers. The wide variety of wild flowers in this area is largely due to the varied topography. Fertile valleys contrast with high mountains. And the semi-desert plains of the north contrast with the unique sandveld region of the coast – with its wetter vlei areas.

We recommend that you combine viewing the spring wild flowers with general touring of these areas. As the exact timing of the flowers varies from year to year. Indeed with global warming, we dont always have a good flower season. So it is best to be interested in the other delights of the area as well. Typically the flower season peaks between early August and early September and its extent depends on the nature of the winter rains. Generally the flowers start in Namaqualand in late July/early August, in the Cederberg in early to mid August and on the West Coast from late August onwards.

They are not generally still around in late September (as many people assume)

I’ll repeat that – the timing is August! And into early September on the West Coast ONLY.

As the wild flowers face the sun, a good general principle is to travel north relatively quickly and then do most of your flower-viewing in a southerly direction so that the flowers are always facing you. We can advise you on which country lodges will give you the best overall flower-viewing.

Check our our Spring Wild Flower tour if you would like to join us on a 5 day guided tour to the best flower displays in August.

Check out our detailed blog post on Tips for flower viewing on the West Coast for more info… and remember to BOOK EARLY…