Why use a Safari Specialist?

So, you want to book a safari trip. But now you are deciding how to go about it…
Many people naturally look towards a safari specialist. But it may be that you mostly book your short-haul travel online.
So why use a safari specialist when booking your African safari?

First-hand experience

A specialist tour operator for Africa has first-hand experience, often honed over decades of personal research, visiting and re-visiting and getting feedback from thousands of their own returning clients. They can weigh up the competing merits of alternatives and have a good sense of when to travel, the ‘must do’ experiences and the pitfalls to avoid.

Only a small part of a safari is about what your room looks like. It is all the intangibles which make up a fantastic safari experience: the quality of the guiding, the journeys from place to place, the unique experiences. These are very difficult to gauge from a website, even harder from an online booking site.

An African safari specialist, like Cedarberg Africa, knows the difference between what IS good and what just sounds good…

We’ll give you our candid, unbiased opinions, based on our years of experience. And before you leave home, you’ll get out comprehensive pre-departure guides with directions and routes.

We are there if things go wrong

If you book online, you are on your own if things go wrong. And 2020 has taught all of us that things can go spectacularly wrong. A flight is delayed, which affects your onwards travel plans. Unexpected flooding means that you cannot get to your game lodge … Or, a global pandemic means that your entire holiday has to be rebooked for the following year.

If you book with a safari specialist, we are here to help you. Cedarberg Africa has a duty manager on hand 24/7 to help with any issues.

We cannot guarantee that we will be able to solve every problem, but we work hard to get our clients the best possible solution. We are very confident that it’s a lot easier for us to sort it out. It’s also a lot less hassle and stress for you.

Relaxing African Safari Experience

Some people think that it’s cheaper to book direct…

This comes from a misconception as to how we get to the prices. We receive lower “wholesale” rates from the game lodges and hotels. We then add on our planning fee for the many hours of work spent honing the perfect trip for you.

The result is a price which is very similar to the one that you would have got if you had tried to do it all by yourself. So, we sell on these hotels and game lodges at the same rate (or even a tad lower) than the rate you would get if you booked directly. Often, we will be able to save you money. Cedarberg Africa has excellent relationships with our safari lodge suppliers and so we have a firm grasp on good safari offers. We know which lodges have partnered together to offer a great combo rate. And we use this knowledge to put together the best safari for your allotted budget.

Plus – by using a safari specialist – you’ve saved hours & hours of your time trying to compare lodges, cross referencing review sites, looking at endless pictures of rooms, and trying to work out if one is larger than the other.

(We work hard to meet any target budget you’ve given us. We may recommend a less expensive hotel which is just as nice. We may suggest an alternative destination which is not quite as expensive.)

In Conclusion

Parting with your hard-earned cash isn’t easy. An established African specialist tour operator, with a vested interest in the countries they sell, offers a level of assurance, support and expertise which is hard to match. So don’t waste any more time, contact us today.