Where to go from here?

We hope this quick overview was useful! So what’s the next step?

Start to Chat

Some people like to start chatting to one of our safari team members, especially if they have questions. Oftentimes, a quick phone call is the best use of your time. Afterwards, we can lay out some options for you, obviously with no obligation to take things further.

Call us or Email us to arrange a time for a video call.

Browse this website

Others prefer to read around the subject and only then contact someone.

  • You can explore via Destinations. (Click on a Country under Destination, Then you can click on the different regions within that country.)

At each level, you can get an overview, check out a map, look at best times to visit, see some of our featured lodges in that area, and also look at sample itineraries which include that area.

You can even read blog articles which are relevant to the area.

  • You can explore via Trip Type such as Honeymoon, or Family, or the big one, Wildlife Safaris.

These also have some sub-categories and are arranged in the same format as Destinations, with an overview, featured lodges, sample itineraries and relevant blog articles.

Use our Safari Finder

  • Finally, you can use our Safari Finder on our Home Page to narrow down on sample tours.

Simply type in a Country or Region, a Trip Type and a Time to Travel, and a short-list of sample tours will be delivered. Though we are a tailor-made African safari specialist, we show several sample holidays and safaris.

Note: Sometimes you may get no results returned. In which case, either broaden the search criteria or use our Search function. (Or give us a call or email!)