Baggage Allowances

Links to major airlines baggage guidance

Please consult the following links to double check on your baggage allowances.  Please also check by your country of departure and routing. This is VERY important as some airlines have a different checked baggage allowance according to the route.

For example passengers on flights from Europe to Africa often allow less free checked baggage than those flying from the Americas. This may seem unfair but do remember that this may not make much difference on the ground. The baggage allowances on flights WITHIN Africa are the same for all comers and they are almost always lower in any case.

Generally the baggage allowance within an African country is 20kg (44 llbs)

In the meantime, please check your proposal or pre-travel documents.

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Baggage Allowances – Travelling on Domestic Airlines within Africa

Generally the baggage allowance on a scheduled airline is typically 20kg (44 ilbs). But this is NOT always the case.

Most scheduled airlines in Kenya and Tanzania for example have an upper limit of 15kg. This should be clearly stated in your itinerary. But if in doubt, email or ring us.

Baggage Allowances – Travelling on Charter flights (even Seat in Plane)

Within Southern and East Africa, you may use charter flights with light aircraft. Especially in Botswana, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Namibia. These always have more stringent baggage allowances. This varies by country and carrier. So your itinerary is your source of information. (What is said below is general info only).

This is typically either 15kg or 20kg plus a small handbag or backpack. This must be in soft squashable bags. So hard samsonite-like suitcases are NOT suitable. They may need to stuff the bags into various small baggage compartments around the plane.

Typically you will not need much luggage for these parts of your trip as laundry is included at the safari camps. We can usually arrange for extra bags needed for other parts of the trip to be stored (at an extra cost).

If you have extensive photographic equipment, you may need to purchase an extra seat on these planes to allow you extra weight. However this is ONLY the weight of your baggage allowance (eg 20kg) and not the weight of an extra person and his/her luggage. This is because the luggage has to be stored in the luggage compartments and cannot be kept on a seat for safety reasons.