Booking a Trip

 Booking a Trip
Cedarberg Africa are tailor-made African travel specialists. But we also have a number of sample holidays and safaris on offer so feel free to browse through this website and see if something catches your eye. Alternatively, you may only have a vague idea of what you’d like to do. In this case it’s best to send us an enquiry as soon as possible and let us lay out all your options for you. Often a quick phone call is the best use of your time. Obviously with no obligation to take things further.


People often find that booking a tailor-made safari in Africa is different from booking a week’s skiing. With a ski trip, the price is already advertised and there are only limited options for changes or upgrades. It’s just a question of deciding whether you are going to accept the skiing ‘package’ or not.

With a tailor-made safari, the planning process starts from scratch so that it’s designed around YOU. The steps generally look much like this:

booking an africa safari trip - on safari in Sabi sands at Lions Sands River Lodge

1. Tell us what you want

At Cedarberg, we put a lot of time and effort into finding out lots about you and your hopes and dreams for your safari trip. This is what results in rewarding experiences and great feedback. But it does mean that the process of planning a tailor-made safari takes a little longer.

We recommend calling us – we have offices in South Africa and the UK and a local call number for the USA. (You only pay for the local call – we will pay for the international cost.) If you live elsewhere, call or email us. We’ll happily call you straight back.

Even if you are still unsure about your plans, we find a quick phone call can help to point you in the right direction.

Obviously, it’s great if you know where you want to go, where you want to stay and what you want to do. But if you don’t know the destination well, then that’s not always possible. A successful safari in Africa is a happy marriage between your personality and the destination. A wilderness experience that may knock the socks off one person, may be viewed as a series of inconveniences by another.

Cedarberg Africa Call Back Request

2. We talk about budget

We know that this is difficult. You don’t know what things cost. You are afraid that if you give a high budget, we will spend every last cent of it. But it helps us – and you – immensely as we can give you the sort of safari price you are looking for.

Sometimes we have to break it to you that what you want to do – and what you have to spend – don’t match up. (This sometimes happens when you are trying to see so many different destinations that flight costs eat up your budget.) Then you can either adapt your requirements or scale up your budget.

Thus it helps if you can say – “we’d like to spend between X and Y amount per person but we could stretch to Z if we absolutely have to, or for something really memorable”. We promise we won’t treat it like a starting point. We understand about budgets.

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 Cape Town V&A Waterfront - planning a safari in Africa

3. Your tailored itinerary

Armed with your wish-list and a sense of budget, we develop a tailor-made itinerary for you with a price.

If we are still not completely sure of what you want. Or if you want two conflicting things (which does happen), then we’ll send you an email outlining your options. or we’ll  send a digital itinerary outlining a suggestion. Then the conversation continues from there.

An digital itinerary looks something like this. Yours would be similar but created just for you.

Cedarberg Africa Interactive Itinerary

We offer both text-based and interactive itineraries


If we are clear on what you want, then we will send you a full colour proposal and price within 24 hours – usually faster, but that depends on the variation in time zones.

With a tailor-made quote, we don’t always hit the nail right on the head first time. Hopefully there is enough to have got you excited, but often it generates further ideas. You may realise you want an extra day in one area, you may decide to add in an excursion. Or you may want to scale up (or down) your accommodation choices.

So in the next stage, we understand that you may come back to us and ask for some changes. We revise the proposal and so the process continues until we get it exactly right.

When you are ready to confirm, you pay the requested deposit and fill out a booking form. We will confirm all the reservations then send you a booking confirmation detailing inclusions, exclusions and when your account balance is due. Then you can relax and look forward to your African safari trip, do some background reading and make sure you have la big enough memory card in your camera…

Addo-Gorah-Sundowners on Plains-1280-pano - booking an African safari trip

4. We’ve got your back

We have a duty manager on hand 24/7 to help with any queries or emergencies. This is rarely needed but sometimes you do have to change your travel plans due to unforeseen circumstances. And, occasionally, flight delays can cause problems…

They are also on hand to assist with any last minute questions or recommendations that you need.

Cape-Town Constantia Steenberg Hotel, booking a safari
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