Flights to Africa

Domestic and Regional Flights

We can quote on all domestic and regional flights for Southern Africa and some for East Africa. However we do not have set prices for these flights. We quote on the best available rates and add a small service fee. Thus our flight quotes are not guaranteed until you pay for these flights, and we have booked them. For this reason we usually quote the flight prices separately.

When to book

Flights and fares are loaded into the airlines’ reservations systems about 11 months ahead; this is when you should plan for Christmas or special events, especially if you have a seating preference. There is everything to gain by booking early and nothing to lose; the days of unsold seats being discounted close to travel are long gone!

If you hope to redeem frequent flyer or airline loyalty scheme points, plan well in advance. You will likely need to have worked out your plans for the ‘land arrangements’ so that these are well-refined and you are ready to press the button just as soon as seats are made available for loyalty scheme members. This is between 11 and 12 months ahead. You will need to book direct with your chosen airline to do this, rather than through us.

Visas and Health

It is your responsibility to check the travel documents and travel health recommendations for the destinations you are visiting. The requirements depend on an individual traveller’s circumstances. For passport and visa regulations, you can check with the Embassy or High Commission of the country concerned and you can consult your Medical Practice or a Travel Clinic. Further information on Travel Documents and Visas

Baggage Allowances

Airlines free checked baggage allowances, excess baggage charges and cabin baggage allowances vary. Please check the details with your carrier using the links on our Baggage Allowances page or ask your consultant. It’s important to note that domestic flights within Africa often have lower baggage allowances than you may have on international routes. 20 kg per person is standard in Southern Africa. 15 kg per person is typical in East Africa.


To check in with an e-ticket, go to the check-in counter and present the confirmation or reservation code. In some airlines it’s not even necessary to present the code, as the reservation is confirmed solely on the basis of the passenger’s identity. After confirming the reservation, you check in your luggage and receive a boarding pass.

Check in

Currently, the airlines are requesting that you check in at least 2½ to 3 hours prior to departure for international flights, at least 1½ to 2 hours prior to departure for regional flights and at least one hour prior to departure for domestic flights in Africa.

Flight Connections

If you are booking your own flights, please ensure that you allow plenty of time for connecting flights – at least 2 hours for a domestic flight connection, 2½ hours for a regional flight connection and ideally 3 hours for an international flight connection.

Online Check In

You can now check in online with some airlines from 30 hours to as little as 3 hours before departure. This means you can choose your preferred seat and print out your boarding pass at your convenience. At the airport, you drop off your luggage at the dedicated online check in drop off point and proceed to the boarding gate.