Financial Protection

Bonded with SATSA

We are bonded with SATSA, the South African Tourism Services Association. This guarantees money back in the case of an inbound Tour Operator closing down. However we have been in business for 25 years and have strong financial reserves behind us.

Our Price Guarantee

We guarantee that we will be the same or cheaper than booking direct across your whole holiday. We thus guarantee to match the price if you find the same holiday for less.  Over the years we have negotiated excellent rates with key suppliers due to our volume of business and our membership of TravelSmart Crew, a consortium of independent tour operators. We pass on these discounts to you so that we are typically up to 5%  less expensive than booking direct – across your whole holiday.

Our hotel web prices

The prices on our website reflects the ‘rack rate’ which is the official hotel or game lodge price if you book direct. These are their standard prices and do not reflect any seasonal or last minute specials. However all of these specials are captured in our proposals and quotations.

However we are not naïve – this is a very competitive world at the moment. Hotels want to fill their beds and cover their costs.

So how do we, as a tour operator, deal with that?

Best Available Rates

Many hotels now operate on Best Available Rates . Though we usually work on a commission off their rack rate, we have also negotiated a set comission off these BAR rates with most of our hotels. However, as the BAR rates change all the time, our website prices reflect only the standard hotel rates. If you come across a price which is lower than our web prices, contact us. We guarantee to match the price.

Seasonal Specials

Similarly many hotels offer long stay or seasonal discounts. These are often mentioned on our web pages under the title Luxury for Less. Again the lower prices will be reflected in our quotation.

Online Booking Consortia

Some hotels offer limited rooms to the large online booking agents at reduced prices. If you come across an excellent price on these websites, let us know. We can usually match it. But remember these large online booking websites offer you no service or personal attention. They are not tour operators. They cannot help you with holiday planning, feasibility, extra services, or indeed if something goes wrong.

No supplement for Credit Cards

We assume that you wish to pay by credit card and this is factored into our prices – there is no credit card surcharge. HOWEVER as merchant fees are high in South Africa, if you want to pay by bank transfer, we can offer you a discount of 1.5% of your holiday value which will more than offset any bank charges unless you are booking just a few nights with us.

Make sure to compare Apples with Apples

We don’t believe in hidden costs – it makes for unhappy clients. Thus our prices include all taxes, park fees and other levies. When comparing quotations make sure you are comparing apples with apples – what room types have been used, are transfers included? We give a holiday price for the whole holiday including transfers and selected tours. Usually when we look at the fine print, the supposedly cheaper quotation is using different accommodation, not including the same meals or the same excursions…