What does a Botswana safari cost?

So what does a Botswana safari cost?

Botswana is probably the single-most expensive safari destination in Africa. There – I’ve said it. Yes it is an amazing, once in a lifetime destination. But it comes at a cost.

When someone tells us that they want to do an “affordable safari in Botswana” in peak season, we give a little inward sigh. As they’ll either need to look at a participation mobile camping safari. Which is not what we do. Or they’ll need to rethink…

Below I give you an idea (based on 2020 pricing) of typical per night prices for a Botswana safari. If you look at the chart and gasp, then you may need to go back to the drawing board. There are other safari destinations which may work better for you. Think South Africa or Zimbabwe. Don’t try to make Botswana what it is not. The country has a low impact, low density, high value tourism model. So don’t try to fight it!

What is a typical Botswana safari price, Okavango delta sunset


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