How is Africa doing at the moment in terms of Covid-19?

Posted on June 18, 2020 by - Africa FAQs

In recent weeks and months, we have heard a lot about South Korea, Australia and New Zealand. About how well they have done! How they have smashed the pandemic. That is very pleasing news. But what slightly frustrates me is that the European and American media didnt talk about Africa at all. So I wrote this article back in early May 2020. It is now true that the situation in South Africa is not as positive as it was when I first wrote this blog – more on that later. But most of our destinations have only a handful of cases and some of them (such as Botswana, Rwanda etc) have done a good amount of testing as well.

Representative examples:

Namibia – 39 cases (no deaths)

Botswana – 79 cases (1 death)

Zambia – 1416 cases (11 deaths)

Zimbabwe – 463 cases (4 deaths)

Tanzania – 509 cases (21 deaths)


And South Africa, despite now having 1730 deaths from Covid 19, still estimates that their overall death rate has actually decreased during this period due to fewer car accidents and fewer alcohol-related accidents and incidents.

So I still want to blow a small trumpet for the well-thought out approach of the South African Government.  Indeed we are now all grumbling about how lock-downed we actually still are, compared to many countries.


Top-Line on South Africa (see comparative figures in table and more detail below…)

Expected Peak – early July

Number of cases – 83,000

Number of deaths – 1730

Deaths as % Cases – 2.1%  (very low compared to Europe and USA)



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How much does a Tanzania safari cost? 5 tips to bring down the safari costs plus a secret one

Posted on March 2, 2020 by - Africa FAQs, Safari costs by country


“”What does a Tanzania safari cost?” “So how much is a safari in Tanzania?” These are the questions that people are always itching to ask us. But often they don’t. Because they know that asking what a Tanzania safari costs is like asking how much a house costs. Or how long a piece of string is!  But in reality we ARE able to give you some guidelines. In a nutshell, safari prices start at around $350 per person per night. But we like to work on at least $400 per night as we don’t like to use the very largest, inexpensive lodges. (As they can be lacking in soul.) But that safari cost can sky-rocket all the way up to $1500 per night for the most expensive camps in Tanzania.

So this article looks into what factors determine our safari prices. We look at

  • Time of year
  • Type of safari (eg how you get around)
  • Choice of camp
  • Number of flights

This article on Tanzania safari prices is similar to the one that I wrote about Kenya safari costs. But with some crucial differences. You also may like to look our our main article on African Safari Pricing where we compare prices across all our main safari destinations. So read on and learn how to set a realistic budget for your Tanzania safari dream…

Cheetah in Serengeti, in article on Tanzania safari costs per day



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What does a South Africa safari cost?

Posted on February 14, 2020 by - Africa FAQs, Safari costs by country

I have written a few articles on safari pricing about each country we sell. But South Africa is probably the hardest one to put a finger on. However I am up for the challenge so here goes! Why is it so hard? In a nutshell, it’s because South Africa is not just a safari destination. It offers so much interest for other traditional holiday interests. Fantastic beaches, wonderful scenery, cosmopolitan cities, mountains to climb, wine to drink and so forth.

But the safari nights are usually the most expensive nights. And so how much of your holiday is ‘’on safari’’ does drive the cost considerably. But there are many other factors at play here which differ from other safari destinations:

• There is a much wider variation in price across all the destinations and hotel standards
• The mode of travel is varied and has a big impact

Panoramic view over the Sabi Sands & Kruger in South Africa


Guide to Typical Nightly Holiday Costs in South Africa

As your time is short, I am giving our crib-chart below. But read on for further explanation…


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