When is the best time to visit Malawi

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Malawi is an almost year-round destination. But due to the varied landscape, the weather does change from region to region… so when it’s heating up on the lakeshore at the end of September, it’s likely to be lovely and cool at the Nyika Plateau. If it’s a straight up answer you are looking for, the best time to visit Malawi for game viewing is during the drier winter months from May to October.

Lake Malawi

The added bonus of these months is that it’s a great time for a beach holiday as well. So you can easily combine bush and beach with Liwonde and Lake Malawi  (See our Mvuu & Mumbo Island safari).

Malawi has a distinct wet and dry season, so we’ll take a look at each of these below to get a better idea of which parts of the country to visit when.

Dry Season

The dry season runs from May to October. This is the best time to visit Malawi for game viewing, and for a beach holiday. The bush is dry, so animals are easy to spot. They also gather around concentrated water sources, so you don’t have to look very hard to find them!

And even though it is ‘winter’, temperatures near the lower lying areas of Lake Malawi are warm and pleasant. This is a perfect time to laze on the beach, canoe on the lake and soak up with sun (especially in August and September).

Wet Season

The wet season runs from November to April, with the heaviest rains occurring from December to February (we usually don’t encourage a visit during these months).  But either side of that – and if your focus isn’t solely on game viewing and you don’t mind the heat and a bit of rain – it’s still worth a visit.

The scenery is lush, migratory birds are plentiful, new babies are being born, and low season rates apply. The lake is also calmest between November and March so this is the best time to visit Malawi for diving.

Keen botanists might also want visit the higher Nyika Plateau as it is cooler and offers some of the best orchid displays at this time of year.

But it is worth noting that the malaria is more of a risk during the wet season.

Walking safari on Nyika Plateau


Here’s a quick summary:

Best time to go (and Peak Season)

July to October, especially in parks like Liwonde and Majete. August to September for Lake Malawi

Good for: Wildlife safaris, beach holidays


Low Season

November to May

Good for: Low season rates, bird watching, calving season, great time to be in the Nyika Plateau however for the orchids and warmer weather


Best Weather

April to August – it’s cooler and there’s almost no rain


Worst Weather

January to March – plenty of rain and humid, high temperatures


f you are keen to discover more about the ‘warm heart of Africa’, read our blog where we mention 8 reasons to visit Malawi.

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What does a Botswana safari cost?

Posted on October 8, 2019 by - Africa FAQs

So what does a Botswana safari cost?

Botswana is probably the single-most expensive safari destination in Africa. There – I’ve said it. Yes it is an amazing, once in a lifetime destination. But it comes at a cost.

When someone tells us that they want to do an “affordable safari in Botswana” in peak season, we give a little inward sigh. As they’ll either need to look at a participation mobile camping safari. Which is not what we do. Or they’ll need to rethink…

Below I give you an idea (based on 2020 pricing) of typical per night prices for a Botswana safari. If you look at the chart and gasp, then you may need to go back to the drawing board. There are other safari destinations which may work better for you. Think South Africa or Zimbabwe. Don’t try to make Botswana what it is not. The country has a low impact, low density, high value tourism model. So don’t try to fight it!

What is a typical Botswana safari price, Okavango delta sunset


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When is the best time to visit Botswana?

Posted on September 11, 2019 by - Africa FAQs, African Travel Tips

This African gem is a year-round safari destination, so the ‘best time to visit Botswana’ really depends on what you want to do. Do you want to be able to spot a multitude of wildlife gathered around a scarce water source without much effort? Or are you not too phased by potential rain and would love to see newborn animals in the lush green grass? Whichever you prefer, it is worth noting the monthly changes in weather and the effect this has on the country’s wildlife. For this reason, we have detailed the dry and wet season, and what each time of the year will bring you in turn…

If the details bore you, then scroll down for a quick summary of the best time to visit Botswana, and the worst!



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