Affordable Romantic Destinations in South Africa

Posted on February 20, 2020 by - Honeymoon, Interesting Reads, Lists and Top Tens

We love places that offer value for money! That’s why we’d like to share some affordable romantic destinations with you. Let’s face it, when you dream about your honeymoon or a romantic getaway, it more than likely involves some element of splurging. And the cost attached to ‘luxury’ or ‘honeymoon’ can be daunting and often exorbitant.

But not all romantic destinations are completely out of reach. Let’s take a closer look at some affordable options for a dreamy escape…

52 de Wet – Cape Town

This gorgeous boutique hotel overlooking the Atlantic Ocean is a breath of fresh air. Quite literally. It is perched on the slopes of Signal Hill, which allows you to lap up the cool sea breeze and gaze at stunning ocean views. 52 de Wet’s spacious contemporary design and terraced setting will certainly tick that ‘luxury’ box.

But is it affordable? Considering it is situated in one of the most exclusive neighborhoods in Cape Town, we think this certainly is a well-priced option for a romantic stay.



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Botswana vs Zambia vs Zimbabwe – which safari destination is best?

Posted on January 27, 2020 by - Africa FAQs, Interesting Reads

This is part of our occasional series when we compare one region to a “competing” one. However this time I am doing a three-way comparison between Botswana, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

These countries have a lot in common for visitors. And so it is sometimes tricky for people to identify which one they are most interested in.

So it tends to be a case that the strongest brand (Botswana) often gets the lion’s share.

So before I focus on the differences, let’s briefly mention why they are comparable.

  • Broadly the same climate – sub-tropical with summer rainfall
  • Same peak safari season, basically being the dry season peaking between July to October
  • Same extreme heat in October
  • All priced in US dollars
  • All offer excellent game-viewing
  • A broader range of safari activities on offer than in either South Africa or East Africa (with game drives, bush walks, boating, fishing, canoeing or mokoros, sometimes horse-riding)
  • Easy access to Victoria Falls to add to the start or end of your safari
  • Nearly all nights are “fully inclusive” of all meals, safari activities and a wide selection of soft and alcohol drinks

With all the above in common, no wonder it’s difficult to tell your Linyanti from your Lower Zambezi or your South Luangwa from Savute…


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How much does Malawi cost?

Posted on November 20, 2019 by - Interesting Reads

I will confess that this small article (one of a series written about Safari Costs by African Country) is mostly written with South Africans in mind.

Many people naturally may assume that Malawi – because it is a poor country – must be an inexpensive country to visit on holiday. Unfortunately this is far from the truth.

Very broadly speaking, 7 nights in Malawi at a beach will cost the same as 7 nights in a Mauritius beach resort. And more than a trip to Thailand…

As Malawi – along with nearly all African countries – has taken the approach of building a low density, relatively high price tourism industry. Plus, if you stay at a mix of Safari & Beach lodges then it will be more per night. See our chart below.

Lake Malawi Resorts - Malawi safari cost & price


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