Loyalty, Liquidity and the Art of Survival

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Loyalty, liquidity and the art of survival in travel was written by Mari Jacobs, a senior consultant at Cedarberg since 2003. She loves travelling with her family, her husband and two children aged 9 and 12. “After a year of being cooped up I am sure you are with me when I say that I cannot wait to get out as much as possible. And to explore and pursue my goals in a positive and creative manner through travelling as much as we can!

Ngala Safari Lodge - Bush dining

What does loyalty mean in the world of travel?

Months have passed since the start of a challenging year in travel. As a travel consultant with a love for marketing I still feel optimistic that we will land back on our feet. However, one thing is certain and that is that things have changed! We need to reconsider everything and come up with innovative ideas if we want to be even better than before.

Cedarberg Africa is alive and strong and we feel blessed to have had the support of our owners/ management, Kate and Ginny, throughout this year. No less vital has been the patience, calmness and optimism of our loyal clients and partner base. This faith that things will improve has supported and allowed us to postpone trips into the unknown future.

In ‘marketing speak’ loyalty is mostly about frequent flier and other reward programs. But I’ve been reminded so powerfully that it is also about creating a relationship of trust and understanding. Trust and loyalty between clients and travel companies is even more relevant now than ever before.  And travel planners, like us, need to realize that potential clients will need to feel secure and safe before they can commit to any future trips.

loyalty liquidity survival in travel

There is no better asset than a loyal client. You become like family! You support and believe in our ability to come up with creative ideas, as well as solutions to any problem. And you come back to us and to Africa again and again . It’s always a joy to recognize your voices on the phone or see the emails that start with: “I’ve been talking with my friends and they said we must call you…”. We salute you and want to thank all our loyal and supportive clients and partners. We will be ready to welcome you back with open arms as soon as all countries are allowed to travel both ways.

The options are endless, but one thing is clear: travel loyalty is ripe for a reimagining.


We want to assure you that Cedarberg Africa is a healthy and financially strong company. Yes, we’ve certainly been dipping into our reserves. And, like all travel businesses, we have had to downsize to a smaller team. This has meant the sad loss of some wonderful co-workers. But we can see a way forward if we deal fairly and intelligently with our agents and suppliers and vice versa.

While physical safety is top of mind right now, we also want to safeguard your financial investment in future travel. Take a closer look at the details on our website:

Flexibility around new bookings

Financial Protection

Buying travel insurance will be a lot more complex in the future. It certainly is not the same offering around the world. We aren’t allowed to advise on this anyway. It is a regulated financial transaction and it is not our expertise. I will say, though, that this is not the time to compare policies on price comparison websites. My advice would be to use an insurance broker; an intermediary who will know the market in terms of travel coverage in your home country.

Art of Survival

This has been a year of challenges, but it has forced us to find creative ways of lowering operational costs. We feel so confident that travel will recover at some stage that we have invested all our spare energy and creativity in redesigning a brand new website. Hopefully this assures you that you cannot go wrong with a company like Cedarberg Africa. We pride ourselves on building loyal relationships and taking challenges head on.

So this is my take on loyalty, liquidity and the art of survival in travel at the moment. Rest assured that whether you are able to pack your bags in the next few months or a year from now, we will be ready and waiting!

Mari Jacobs, her husband Conrad and their children Mischa and Connor

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Why choose Africa as a post-pandemic destination?

Posted on August 12, 2020 by - Interesting Reads

Why choose Africa? We get it. At the moment, you may not wish to venture anywhere beyond your local town or nearest open spaces. And yet the domestic pleasures of staying at home are beginning to pall.

Meanwhile, we are all being enticed with images of far-flung beautiful and empty destinations, each one more excited to welcome you than the last.

So where do you venture next? Which places should make it to your new bucket list?

Covid 19 has led to us all appraising our travel plans and indeed thinking deeper about how we spend our travel money.

So, we’re here as cheerleaders for why to choose Africa.


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We’ve hit the pause button, but has nature done the same?

Posted on June 25, 2020 by - African Travel Tips, Interesting Reads

It goes without saying that in these strange and uncertain times, the human race has come to somewhat of a stand still. We’ve hit the pause button, and there aren’t many people who have pressed play again! But nature certainly hasn’t obliged, and rangers from across Africa have had some of the best wildlife sightings to date during this time.

Animals have not stopped giving birth, the sun has still risen and set every day, the predators have still been on the hunt, and in some areas the heavens have opened and brought new life to the landscape.

In case, like me, this time of isolation has caused your FOMO levels to rise to an all-time high – I thought I’d keep you in the loop about some amazing videos and images that have come our way from various camps and lodges.


New life at Londolozi

The guides and staff at Londolozi have had their tissues out (happy tears!) and their hearts in their throats during the past few months. The newborns have taken center stage! Two of the female leopard’s – the Nkoveni and Piccadilly females – have had cubs. The rangers took great care in tracking down both moms and cubs, with some seriously satisfying results (and some amazing photos by guide James Tyrrell)…



But the unforgettable wildlife sightings didn’t stop there! Londolozi guides discovered an African Wild Dog den, where they watched a pack of wild dogs raise 10 tiny pups! It hasn’t been without some dramatic moments however. Two rangers followed the tracks of the Ntsevu lion pride directly to the entrance of the wild dog den… they didn’t know if the pups were dead or alive to two whole days! Take a look at this incredible video to see what happened.



Wildlife sightings at Singita

The animals in the Sabi Sand have also decided to take advantage of a new ‘chilling’ surface. When there are no private charters flying in and out, why not? These pictures were taken by Ross Couper at Singita‘s Sabi Sand airstrip.



Two hidden GoPro cameras were also placed on a two-track road to capture the wildlife’s natural movements throughout the day. This amazing footage was captured on an overcast, drizzly day. Watch which animals (big and small!) emerge… wildlife sightings at their best!



A change of landscape

Although Desert & Delta camps have had a lot of wildlife sightings, they’ve also welcomed some much-needed rain. Cue happy reports from Camp Moremi! “The flood waters have arrived! The dry pools and waterholes are filling up, and Jessie’s Pool is returning to the water paradise we know. A big hippo pod has moved into the water and the elephants are taking full advantage of extended mud baths. The resident leopard Rra Nko has also taken a liking to this spot and often poses happily for the camera.”


The flip side

There is a flip side to this whole situation of course. Although this ‘quiet time’ has undoubtedly given nature a nice break, it unfortunately leaves a lot of the most endangered wildlife at risk. There are countless organisations spread across Africa that work tirelessly to keep poachers at bay, and our wildlife protected. But this requires an enormous amount of resources.

I can’t focus on all NPO’s doing this kind of work, so I’ll just give you an example of one for now. The Grumeti Fund, which carries out wildlife conservation and community development work in the western corridor of the Serengeti, has (and is) doing significant work in Tanzania. 15 years ago, the plains were nearly barren as uncontrolled hunting and rampant poaching had decimated local wildlife populations, in turn plunging the surrounding communities into poverty.

Fast forward to 2020, and the game reserves are teeming with wildlife once more. The fund employs 165 dedicated staff to protect, manage and monitor Grumeti’s concessions. Not only do these staff need to be supported financially, but donations are needed for so much more. Have a look at this thought-provoking video of the critical work being carried out by Singita and its non-profit conservation partner, the Grumeti Fund.


The good news is that travel – or no travel – anyone can donate, from anywhere in the world. Let’s continue to support the incredible work that is being done in order to make your safari to Africa an unforgettable one!


This article is written by Cedarberg Africa

Cedarberg Africa is a specialist tour operator and safari designer for Southern and East Africa. We offer 16 different countries in Africa. And we are a family-run company with 25 years of experience. Given our volume of business, we make our money through specially negotiated rates with the safari camps. So you will get both the benefit of 1st hand safari experience…At a competitive price

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