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The Seychelles is as close to a natural visual paradise as you can ever hope to get. So a Seychelles beach holiday makes for the perfect end to an East African safari. Or as a standalone week-long escape in the sun.

A ‘thousand miles from anywhere’ is the catch-phrase. The Seychelles archipelago of 109 islets and six larger islands lies 4º south of the Equator. This means it's outside the cyclone belt. plus it has no malaria or serious diseases. Its people are a multi-ethnic blend of settlers from Europe, Africa and Asia who have assimilated different traditions and religions into the relaxed Seychellois culture.

A Seychelles beach holiday offers lots of contrast. Some islands are like tiny emeralds dropped in the azure ocean, home only to birds and indolent holiday-makers. Other islands have rainforests and waterfalls to beckon you away from the white powder beaches. Searching for the perfect viewpoint becomes as addictive as the hunt for the perfect undiscovered cove.

So a Seychelles beach holiday usually appeals more to the nature-lover than the glamour-seeker. It’s a place to see things rather than to be seen. Sports fisherman, divers, birders and families alike enjoy the ultimate escape from life’s pressures on one of the private islands. And of course, the pampering and delicious seafood appeals to honeymooners and all romantics. Why not check out our article on the Best Beaches in the Seychelles for more ideas.

Waterfall in Valle de Mai, Praslin beach holidays & beach resorts


Why you may love it

  • Paradise with rich bird and marine-life, superb snorkelling and diving destination.
  • White sandy beaches with crystal clear waters.
  • Malaria free and outside the cyclone belt.
  • Contrasting experiences allow for island hopping, moving from the main islands to smaller private islands for a few days either by helicopter or take a ferry with the locals.

When to visit Seychelles

December to March

Hot & Rainy

The Seychelles has a tropical climate, hot all year round. The north-west monsoon brings lots of rain, especially in January. (Whereas from June to September the south-east trade winds prevail which brings drier and slightly cooler months.) January to February is not the ideal time to visit due to the quantity of rain and the humid conditions. But the rain takes the form of dramatic afternoon downpours or thunderstorms so it rarely rains all day. It rains a little less from February to March. The Seychelles has a fairly homogenous climate though it rains slightly more in Mahe and the northern Inner Islands. There can be tropical cyclones but this is much less of a factor than Mauritius which is further south.
MAX TEMP 30 ℃ / 86 ℉
MIN TEMP 25 ℃ / 77 ℉

April and May

Less rain but hot & humid

The rains start tapering down but, given it is a tropical climate, there is always some rain every month. (It rains on average every other day from February through to November.) As there’s more sunshine, this is actually the hottest and more humid part of the year. However later in May the trade winds start, bringing welcome cooling breezes.
MAX TEMP 31 ℃ / 88 ℉
MIN TEMP 25 ℃ / 77 ℉

June to August

Best time to visit

This is considered the best time to visit and co-incides with the best safari months as well. This is actually the driest part of the year. Even though it continues to rain, it is usually during the night and so less likely to affect your holiday. However rainfall patterns during this time are quite erratic and so it varies widely from year to year. Temperatures are ever so slightly cooler (28-29C) during the day though it remains very warm at night. The trade winds are at their strongest from July to September, which blow from the south-east. This can make for choppy seas on the eastern side of the islands.
MAX TEMP 28 ℃ / 82 ℉
MIN TEMP 24 ℃ / 75 ℉

September to November

Good time to travel

The influence of the trade winds dies away and rainfall starts to pick up in October and November. But this is a very nice time to visit as well. It is also hot and nature is in full bloom. The rainfall comes in quick afternoon down-pours so the hours of sunshine are still good.
MAX TEMP 30 ℃ / 86 ℉
MIN TEMP 24 ℃ / 75 ℉

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Did you know
  • HistoryThe islands used to be pirate hideouts
  • CapitalVictoria, the capital, is the smallest in the world - 20km²

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