Inner Islands

Leave the bustle behind and island hop; green and palm-fringed islets, bird havens or private paradise…


A boat trip away from Praslin are the Seychelles Inner Islands of La Digue as well as Curieuse, Cousin, Aride amongst others…

La Digue Island

La Digue boasts some of the world’s most photogenic beaches. They come complete with sculptural granite boulders and tropical palms at the water’s edge. (If you’ve seen those impossibly beautiful photos of the Seychelles, they were probably taken on La Digue!) Inland the woods are full of rare and exotic plants. (La Digue is the only nesting place of the rare Black Paradise Flycatcher.)

Traditional Seychellois life continues here with bicycles and ox carts frequenting the dusty roads. So we suggest you join them and hire a bicycle for an easy cycle round the island. Visit the beaches, perhaps stopping for a fruit smoothie at a roadside stall. Through the lush roadside foliage, you get a glimpse of picturesque plantation houses.

La Digue is accessible by 30 minute boat trip from Praslin or by helicopter. Or it can be visited for the day from one of the luxurious resorts on Praslin.

granite rocky beaches on Seychelles islands- La digue

Private Inner Islands of the Seychelles

Maybe you want greater levels of remoteness? Zero cellphone coverage and deep blue water separating you from the noise and bustle of the real world? Nothing beats a private island retreat.

If you have the right budget, a private island offers you the best of all worlds. Miles of powdery white sand, crystal clear warm water, rich marine life all backed by virgin bush. If you ever wanted to know how it feels to have your own tropical island, you can find out….

Choose between the away-from-it-all island retreats of Denis, Silhouette, Sainte Anne, Fregate, and of course, the superb North Island….

Denis Island

Denis Island is best known for its phenomenal diving, snorkelling and deep sea fishing. This is one of the most northern of the inner islands. The flat coral island is covered with tropical bush. Within which a myriad of hiking and running trails lead to deserted beaches.

Just beyond the island, the Seychelles ocean shelf drops away suddenly. Sailfish, marlin and tuna prowl the deeper waters – a mecca for keen fishermen.

Denis Island Lodge

Silhouette Island

North-west of Mahé is the third largest island of the Seychelles. This is the virtually undeveloped Silhouette Island. Home to approximately 200 residents and no roads. Silhouette is one of the bio-diversity hotspots in the Indian Ocean. here you get virgin rainforests and exotic orchids, the curious pitcher plants and incense trees. Whilst its beaches are sheltered by coral reefs. Which offers superb snorkelling and swimming with big game fishing beyond.

Sainte Anne Island

Only a short boat ride away from Mahé is Sainte Anne Island, the largest island in the Sainte Anne Marine National Park. This protected reserve ensures stunning marine life for divers and snorkelers. Its white beaches are also a favoured spot for nesting turtles.

North Island

But if you are looking for the ultimate in private islands, and if you feel like pushing the boat out, then head to North Island. North Island is many people’s idea of the perfect tropical island: three mountain peaks covered in lush forest rise up out of the turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean. North Island offers the ultimate in luxury and pampering. Spacious villas, private pools, personal butlers providing unobtrusive and immaculate service and candlelit dinners on your private deck are the order of the day here. But it comes with a price tag to match.


Why you may love it

  • Stunningly beautiful beaches with relaxed lodges rather than deluxe five star resorts.
  • Slow relaxed pace of life within close proximity of Praslin and Mahé.
  • A selection of inner island private retreats on offer. Private and secluded with white sandy beaches and clear warm water rich in marine life and untouched bush.

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Did you know
  • IslandsThere are 42 inner islands in the archipelago
  • GeographyThe inner islands are mostly granitic