Getting Started

The next few pages give an overview of how to plan a safari with us. You can review them in turn, or select what’s most interesting.

What makes a Good Safari?

For many, seeing wildlife in its natural habitat is the focus of their African trip. The essence of a safari is that you are on the move, staying a few nights in each region to experience a variety of habitats which result in diverse wildlife.

However, it’s equally important to not rush a safari, to allow enough time to appreciate an area and to get the most from your specialist guide. Our focus is on tailor-made safaris: designing a hand-crafted safari after careful discussion with you.

Watch our video on what makes for a good safari...

How to plan a safari?

1) Review this website and do some initial research prior to chatting to us.

We recommend at least reading these Safari Primer pages if it is your first time on safari.

2. Chat to us – Schedule a 15-30 minute chat with us, at absolutely no obligation.
3. If you are keen to move forward, we’ll do an initial trip design for you.
4. Then, in collaboration with you, we’ll hone it until it’s perfect for YOU.

This may involve working around your budget, adding days in one place, taking away in another, and adding unique experiences.

5. When you are ready, you put down a small deposit.

We understand your fears. What if something happens between now and the trip? We understand you need reassurance. So, we are very flexible when it’s needed.

6. We confirm all the arrangements for you.
7. What if you need to change plans?

We don’t want you to feel locked in, or without options. But nor should you never plan anything because of uncertainty! If there is a material change in circumstances, we’ll discuss your options with you.

8. You have a fantastic safari holiday!

We are with you every step of the way and always only a phone call away.

Plan your Safari