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Ghoha Hills Savuti Lodge lies on the ledges of Ghoha Hills in the Savuti area of the Chobe National Park. The Lodge aims to provide travellers to Botswana with a unique, first class safari experience in an eco-friendly and eco-sensitive environment.

The Chobe National Park lies South of Linyanti and covers an area of over 10 000 square kilometres. And also has one of the highest concentrations of game and wildlife in Africa. The Savuti Marsh is the relic of a large inland lake whose water supply was cut a long time ago. Nowadays, the marsh is fed by the erratic Savuti Channel, which dries up for long periods then curiously flows again. This picturesque, diverse landscape brings lush grasslands in some areas and desert-like, bleak stretches of land dotted with camelthorn trees in other areas…

It is often said that the Savuti grasslands provide the best game viewing in Africa. With one of the highest concentrations of wildlife on the continent, through all seasons. In the dry winter months you will have the best opportunities for game viewing, as predators tend to lurk around the water holes. Savuti is also famous for its large concentrations of Elephants. During the rainy season the rich bird-life of the park (approximately 450 species in the whole park) is well represented. The region is indeed reputed for its annual migration of Zebras and predators. Thousands of Zebras moving slowly across the plains in their twice yearly migration, is a sight to behold. Large concentrations of lion also follow this Zebra migration intently. Leopard and Cheetah are also sometimes seen.

The Lodge:

Perched high on the eastern side of the Ghoha Hills, this hilltop retreat has a 180 degree views across the Savannah. And also of the natural waterhole which attracts birds and wildlife year round. To the south east of the lodge, the Savuti Marsh beckons with its unique game viewing opportunities. The lodge is fully run on solar power. Utilizing the available sun energy to generate enough renewable power to provide the lodge with all of its energy requirements. And in doing so significantly reduce the site’s environmental impact.

The main open area consists of various seating and reading areas, a library with books on animals, flora and fauna, dining area, bar, curio shop and guest bathrooms. Views overlook the Ghoha Plains and a productive water hole at the foot of the hill.
The Ghoha Hills Savuti lodge has been designed to take full advantage of the view. Whether dining in the guest areas, taking a swim or sitting on the balcony of the luxury tented rooms, guests of Ghoha Hills Savuti are spoilt with privacy and beautiful scenery.

Each luxury tented room offers en-suite facilities and breathtaking views of the African plains from their own private deck. (Which can even be enjoyed from the shower). Each luxury tented room has its own cupboard with hanging space as well as shelves, a luggage rack, desk with a torch & coffee table magazines. Furthermore there are comfortable armchairs to enjoy the views or catch up on some reading.

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Ghoha Hills Savuti Lodge Review

It’s not really fair to compare Ghoha Hills with the other camps I visited in Botswana, as it was much smarter and more expensive. But nonetheless it’s still my favorite!

As with all the Delta camps, the staff were very accommodating. The service was practically perfect and the management was top notch.

The lodge is built on a beautiful hill with lots of Baobab trees and amazing views of the Savanna bush below. The tents are all facing east on the hillside so we could see the sunrise. They all overlook a waterhole where animals come to drink regularly. All the rooms are made of canvas and have a private wooden deck. Once inside, you wouldn't even say it was a tent. It has the complete feel of  comfort.

What makes Ghoha hills so unique is that it is solar powered and self-sustaining and has a Gym and Spa in canvas tents which are also facing east so that you can see the sunrise and beautiful views of the Savanna.

The main public areas, fire-pit and rock pool are absolutely stunning. This was where you would find me in my free time during my stay at the lodge.

The lodge also offers game drives on the private road network, to the Savuti channel and the famous Savuti Marsh. The game drives can be tiring when you out there for a full day, but with the expertise, experience and knowledge of the guides, it was very rewarding.  Whilst here we spent a long time tracking lions. Just as we were about to give up, the guide suggested we take a look among the trees as he thought that they may be sleeping in the shade. Was he right! We were ecstatic! The search was well rewarded.


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