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What does a Botswana safari cost?


So you want to go to Botswana, but what does a Botswana safari cost?

Botswana is one of the most expensive safari destinations in Africa, alongside Tanzania and Kenya. In fact given that there is no option for doing a scheduled tour, and there is very little modest accommodation, we could say that it is the MOST expensive safari destination. So it’s not ideal for those on a reduced budget.

Yes, it is an amazing, once-in-a-lifetime destination. But it comes at a cost…

When someone tells us that they want to do an “affordable safari in Botswana” in peak season, we give a little inward sigh. As they’ll either need to look at a participation mobile camping safari. Which is not what we do. Or they’ll need to rethink…

Below I give you an idea (based on 2024 pricing) of typical Botswana safari prices per night. If you look at the chart and gasp, then you may need to go back to the drawing board. There are other safari destinations that may work better for you. Think South Africa – where safaris are priced in Rands – or Zimbabwe, where you dont always need to fly. Don’t try to make Botswana what it is not. The country has a low impact, low density, high-value tourism model. So don’t try to fight it!

Luxury Safaris in Botswana

Guide to Typical Botswana Safari Costs (per night)

Now to the brass tacks! I’m going to try to tackle the question of how much is a safari in Botswana. Below we give a typical price per night for the whole safari including the cost of in-country charter flights, park fees, game drives, all meals and drinks and other game activities (boating, walking, mokoro trips, fishing, etc). This is typically the price from Maun, or from Maun to Kasane (for access to Victoria Falls).

These safari prices exclude the international flights, as obviously that depends on where you are travelling from and how you choose to fly…

As you can see, there’s a vast difference both between camp category and between seasons.

Ballpark Botswana Per Person Price
per Night – All-Inclusive

Moderate Camps
Premier CampsTop-end Camps
Green Season$475-$625$650-$850$900-$1,200
Shoulder Season$575-$900$850-$1,100$1,050-$1,600*
Peak Season$700-$975$1,050-$1,550$1,350-$2,500*

Green Season – December to March (sometimes excluding the Festive season)
Shoulder Season – April to June (sometimes only to May) and November (and sometimes December)
Peak Season – July to October, plus * denotes that some very popular camps even have a ‘super-peak’ season in July and August. At the top end, there are some very pricey camps which push up the maximums. So don’t be unnecessarily discouraged by this.

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The lower safari costs in Botswana tends to be for the longer safaris (7+ nights). The higher figure is typical of a shorter 3 or 4 night safari, or the more expensive camps within that category.

So if you want to come for 8 nights in Peak Season in a Premier camp, you can assume that you are looking at a safari price of approx $8,000 to $12,500 per person. But a moderate camp for 8 nights in Shoulder Season will cost around $5,600 to $7,500 per person. So a big difference in the cost of the safari!

Safari Prices in Botswana

What factors affect the Botswana safari cost or price?

So the Main Factors – in descending order of importance – which affect your Botswana safari cost are:

  • Time of Year
  • Whether you use a Safari Circuit
  • Your Mode of Safari
  • Your Length of Stay

Secondary factors which affect the price

  • The specific camps you pick!

1) How Time of Year affects your Botswana safari cost

Most destinations vary their pricing by season to some degree. But Botswana is extreme! Expect to pay DOUBLE per night in Peak Season (June to October) if not more, compared to the Green Season.

Here are some great Green Season safari offers:

2) Botswana safari prices are lower with a “Safari Circuit”

Botswana is dominated by safari companies which operate several camps. It pays to try to use 2 or 3 camps as a circuit within one safari group. The per-night costs start to drop nicely. Of course, we like to use independent camps as well. But mixing and matching too much does add to the safari cost. So the trick is to get the balance right…

Safari Example:
Discover Botswana with Ker & Downey


3) Impact of Your Mode of Safari on the Botswana Safari Cost

There are two main modes of safari. Mostly we offer fly-in safaris to the various destinations. As this allows us to tailor the safari to your dates and preferences. But you can do a mobile camping safari. These tend to have more modest ‘glamping-style’ tents compared to the permanent lodges. But the average nightly safari cost is lower.

Mobile camping safaris come in all shapes and sizes from modest participation camping (which is not what we offer to scheduled upmarket mobile safaris (see below). Finally you have private “roaming” safaris at the top end, again tailored to your needs. Though these are not inexpensive, they will be considerably less than the lodge in peak season.

Some safari examples:

botswana superior explorer-Chobe Expeditions Elephant
Botswana Superior Mobile Safari

4) Longer Length of Stays lowers the Per Night Safari Costs

The longer you stay, the lower the average nightly cost tends to be. This is because the high cost of flying between camps starts to be a lower portion of the price. If you ONLY have 3 to 6 nights, try to spend longer at 1 or 2 camps. So that you reduce travelling costs AND have a more leisurely, less ”on the go” safari.

Tip: You can add on Victoria Falls or the Zambezi National Park at the end which will be less per night.

5) Specific Camps

Of course the specific camp you choose does also impact the safari price. But interestingly far less in Botswana than in – say – South Africa. If you opt to stay in one of the most expensive camps in Botswana (and thus Africa), such as Sanctuary Chiefs Camp or Mombo Camp, then the price will be very high. But many safari camps are similar in price range.

Here is our flagship Botswana safari which includes Chiefs Island: Best of Botswana & Victoria Falls

The Best of Botswana

Tips for saving money on your Botswana safari

It is not easy to save a huge amount of money on a Botswana safari. Believe me – we’ve tried! So treat it as a once or twice-in-a-lifetime experience. And cash in on the kids inheritance!

But if the original safari price given to you is really too much, consider the following questions:

  • Can you travel just outside peak season (end of May or early November)? Or right at the end of the green season (end of March)? Then you can take advantage of the better pricing.
  • Would you consider a mobile camping safari? We can combine a roaming safari for 3 nights with some lodge stays.
  • Can you try to stay longer in 1-2 camps so that you have fewer flights?
  • If you’ve asked for specific camps by name, ask your safari specialist to also quote on camps within one safari group. As it can make a huge difference!
  • Give us a budget – see below…
  • Does it HAVE to be Botswana? Consider Zambia or Zimbabwe instead!
  • Finally our Conservation and Community Safari is probably the best value safari in Botswana so check it out if your budget is stretched.

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All-inclusive Safaris in Botswana

We’ve noticed that many people ask for an “all-inclusive safari”. The very nature of a Botswana safari is that it is all-inclusive. A safari usually includes all meals, teas & coffees, game activities, park fees and most drinks. So the only extras would be gratuities and curio purchases! In Botswana virtually all safari activities are included. But there are some optional extras such as helicopter transfers to a camp, or hot air ballooning.

Great game viewing in Botswana

Final PLEA from Us – Give a Budget Range!

Given how pricey a Botswana safari is, PLEASE give your safari designer a sense of your safari budget. This article is designed to help you do that. (So now you have no excuse – smile!)

If we don’t have any sense of your budget, we can waste your time, and ours, suggesting camps which are not right for you. So tell us what you want to spend! Either we can help you. And we’’ll offer you the best safari at that price point. Or we’ll gently suggest that you may like to reconsider your budget!

A Botswana safari is one of the most magical safari experiences that you are ever likely to have. So don’t let the high price tag scare you away too much. 

Download our Guide to Botswana Safaris

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