Linyanti Swamps

To the west of Chobe lie the Linyanti camps in the Linyanti, Selinda & Kwando private concessions – wilder & much quieter than Chobe, yet also famed for their elephant concentrations.


The private concessions of the Linyanti, Selinda and Kwando lie in a region known broadly as the Linyanti Swamps. This lies to the west of Chobe National Park. These three private game reserves offer a wilder game experience than Chobe National Park. Just imagine Chobe with its elephants and buffaloes, but without the concentration of game vehicles, self-drive visitors and sunset boat cruises?

The game-viewing in these private concessions is exclusive. As these are areas which see very few people. But the Selinda, Kwando and Linyanti have high concentrations of game. They offer walking safaris, night drives and selective off-road driving which isn’t possible in the National Parks.

As in the rest of Chobe, the Linyanti is famous for its large elephant herds. Especially in the dry winter and spring months from June to October. Huge African ebony and marula trees shade the rivers. Their fruit is a big hit with elephants.

Lion on the hunt in the Linyanti

This is big game country. Herds of impala, lechwe, kudu, zebra even sable, roan and waterbuck congregate near the rivers. So here you regularly find the predators – lion, cheetah, wild dog and hyena. Plus the landscape is characterized by grassland vistas dotted with palm forest islands – all very picturesque and open.

Seasonal Migration in the Linyanti Swamps

The three concessions offer a seasonal home to game migrating northwards from the grasslands of the south. Indeed the permanent water of the Linyanti/Kwando River draws large herds of elephant and buffalo during the dry season. This in turn lures good quantities of lion. Wild dog sightings are also good with several dens in the area, especially around the Kwando Lagoon area.

In the dry season, the sheer quantity of elephants and buffalo mean that bush walks may not always be possible. As it could be simply too dangerous!


Why you may love it

  • Wilder game experience than Chobe National Park
  • The game-viewing in these private concessions is exclusive
  • High concentrations of game
  • Walking safaris on offer
  • Linyanti is famous for its large elephant herds
  • This is Big Game country

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Did you know
  • AnimalsThe Red Lechwe, Sitatunga and a bask of Nile crocodiles occur in this area
  • SafariGame viewing and birding is superb in both the wet and dry season