Lake Malawi

Lake Malawi is Malawi’s stellar attraction, great for kayaking, diving and yachting.


Lake Malawi Resorts

Lake Malawi is the stellar attraction of Malawi, enriching every aspect of its life. It is a vast expanse of bright blue water, 600km long and up to 80km wide, which makes up some 20% of  Malawi. The lake shore offers miles of palm-fringed sandy beaches, rounded granite boulders and romantic wooded islands. The call of the African fish eagle is ever present. Everywhere people smile and seem delighted to see you.

Over 2,000 species of fish occur in the crystal-clear waters of Lake Malawi, including the colourful endemic cichlids that are easily spotted when snorkelling. Other activities on Lake Malawi include scuba diving, kayaking, sailing and just chilling out. Visits to local villages are also on offer.

The beautiful mountainous terrain surrounding much of the lake doesn’t make for productive farming. So the lake is a vital part of the Malawi economy. Fish such as chambo and kapenta make up the main protein source for the lakeside people. (Apparently fish provides 70% of the protein diet for Malawians). Sometimes the lake is sparkling with the tiny lights of the  night fishermen using lights and paddle bangs to attract the fish.

Lake Malawi resorts & lodges

A stay at one of the Lake Malawi resorts is the ideal wind-down at the end of your Malawi safari.

Or you can add it to a Zambian safari? The sandy shores of Lake Malawi are by far the closest beach to the prime game reserve of South Luangwa. So it’s easy to fly from Mfuwe airport to Lilongwe and then continue to the lake either by charter flight or road. The Lake Malawi resorts range from luxury eco-lodges such as Pumulani Lodge and Kaya Mawa to larger resorts such as Makolola Retreat and rustic family-friendly lodges such as Mumbo Island Camp, & Norman Carr Cottage

Likoma Island

A fantastic off-the-beaten-track destination on Lake Malawi is Likoma Island. This is a remote island near the Mozambique border with a cathedral which would be at home in Britain. All mixed in with a laid back tropical island ambience.

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