One of Africa’s last pristine lands from the watery paradise of the Okavango Delta, to the shimmering white saltpans of the Makgadikgadi.


Botswana is one of Africa’s last pristine lands and offers its visitors beautiful scenery and prolific big game in equal measure. From the watery paradise of the Okavango Delta, to the majestic baobab trees of the Kalahari, it is a gem.

Most people know of the Okavango Delta. Yet Botswana conjures up so many memorable images for those lucky enough to visit. The shimmering heat rising from the vast white salt pans of the Makgadikgadi. The flight of a fish eagle as it glides over the waterways of the delta. Or the elephant family coming down to the Chobe River to drink at dusk.

Botswana safaris tailor-made

You can spend your entire safari in Botswana. Or you add a few nights on safari in Botswana on to your South African visit.

Botswana is never a cheap destination. But then it’s never disappointing either. Plus a Botswana safari is all-inclusive with meals, activities, laundry and most drinks included. So there are no hidden extras.

However as Botswana has grown in popularity, the proliferation of safari camps has made the choice of where to stay even harder. Our Botswana pages below give you some extra information. But there is no real substitute for talking to us about your safari plans.

Free Insiders Guide to Botswana
Download our 23 page guide to Botswana Safaris - where to go, seasonal ideas, reasons to visit
Free Insiders Guide to Botswana

On Safari in Botswana

Generally speaking, there are two main ways to travel in Botswana. The vast majority of our clients opt for a fly-in safari. You choose which areas you want to visit, and for how long.

But the alternative is to take a mobile safari. This is a particularly evocative way of enjoying the delta and the deserts of Botswana. We go into more detail of what to expect in our section on Mobile Camping.

Botswana Safari Lodges & Camps

We offer the full range of lodges in Botswana from modest to top of the range. And we are completely independent. So we’re not locked into using one particular safari camp operator.

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