African safari in November – suggested destinations

November is officially the end of the peak season in Botswana, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Namibia and Malawi as the dry winter period comes to an end. So you’re into the more affordable green season, but the risk of rain is significantly higher. You could take a risk with an early November safari if you can cope with heat.

Cape Town and the rest of the Cape is really coming into its own now with early summer flowers in full bloom. Warm but not scorching so still time to get active on Table Mountain. These are the last few weeks in which you are likely to see whales in False Bay and Walker Bay.

Leather back Turtles, weighing almost a ton, lumber ashore in Northern Maputaland and start to lay eggs in holes they dig in the sand. This is a great time to visit KwaZulu Natal.

This is the official start of the rainy season up in the Greater Kruger Park, but rain is usually restricted to afternoon thunderstorms and November/ December sees the arrival of many migrant birds.

One of the best months for seeing the Desert Adapted Elephant in Namibia’s Damaraland.

From mid November onwards, many of the Zambian lodges close before the anticipated onset of the rains in December. They remain closed until April with some notable exceptions in the central area of the South Luangwa.

As the rains have eased and its dry and sunny,  this is the start of some of the best and most popular months to tour the religious and historical sites of Northern Ethiopia. Of course, the two major Egyptian Orthodox festivals of Meskal (September) and Timket (January) are also major highlights – but it can be hard to get accommodation around their dates.








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