Northern Ethiopia History & Scenery

Northern Ethiopia History & Scenery is a 12 night private, mostly fly-in guided tour of the historical and archaeological wonders of Ethiopia, including the ancient religious centres of Harar, Lalibela and Axum; the royal palaces of Gondar; Lake Tana and its monasteries plus the baboons and cliffs of the Simien Mountains.

12 Nights


This is a 12 night, 13 day private (mostly) fly-in guided tour of the historical and archaeological wonders of Northern Ethiopia. It includes the ancient centres of Harar, Lalibela, Gondar and Axum.

Unesco Sites

You get to see four of Ethiopia's eight UNESCO Cultural World Heritage sites. There are a couple days when the steadily improving roads mean that you can travel by road. This makes for a nice change & allows us to include the Simien Mountains. At present the only Natural UNESCO World Heritage site in the country.

The emphasis is primarily on Ethiopia's ancient wonders and its immense cultural and religious heritage, rather than its natural history. Nonetheless, you'll visit the Blue Nile Falls, Lake Tana and the misty highland home of the impressive and friendly gelada baboons in the Simien Mountains too. Even on short transfers from the airports to the towns you'll be in some of Africa's greatest mountain scenery with glorious views.

Northern Ethiopia History & Scenery at a glance

Hotels and Lodges

By comparison with many of the safari destinations we offer at Cedarberg Africa, the accommodation in Ethiopia is less 'magazine worthy'. Standards are steadily improving and we will always strive to book the best available accommodation in each area when planning a tailor-made tour with you, subject to availability.

We are confident that most travellers would consider all the accommodation we use in the tour as perfectly acceptable and pleasant, bearing in mind that this is Ethiopia and not Dubai!

Northern Ethiopia History & Scenery at a glance


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