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Why choose Africa as a post-pandemic destination?

Why choose Africa? We get it. At the moment, you may not wish to venture anywhere beyond your local town or nearest open spaces. And yet the domestic pleasures of staying at home are beginning to pall.

Meanwhile, we are all being enticed with images of far-flung beautiful and empty destinations, each one more excited to welcome you than the last.

So where do you venture next? Which places should make it to your new bucket list?

Covid 19 has led to us all appraising our travel plans and indeed thinking deeper about how we spend our travel money.

So, we’re here as cheerleaders for why to choose Africa.

Why choose Africa?

We’ve been selling trips to Africa for over 25 years so naturally we are passionate about it. But quite honestly we don’t feel we have much convincing to do. Especially at this time when Africa’s offering of wide open spaces, fresh air and fewer people is likely to appeal to most travelers post this pandemic.

Right now, the need to understand other cultures and how they tick, to see other countries and to spend wisely in travel is more important than ever.

We all want to have both personally enriching experiences AND to feel that we are contributing to something positive.

In Africa we are fortunate to not have the sort of mass tourism which has led to some European cities even questioning whether they want visitors.

The reality in Africa is so different. Here the preservation of wildlife, the environment and the rural communities need tourism. Just as we all feel a pull toward the vast spaces; the great wildernesses and savannas of Africa really need us too.

Wildlife Conservation

If you choose Africa you are also choosing to support wildlife conservation. It may sound silly but conservation is intrinsically linked to visitors. Without tourism bringing much needed revenue directly into conservation, Africa’s wildlife will be under certain threat from poaching, both for money and for subsistence.

  • Conservation and park fees directly pay for wildlife conservation and anti-poaching efforts
  • More revenue into an area means job creation which leads to a reduction in poaching for the pot

Similarly, tourism supports local communities

  • Local people are employed by the camps
  • Local people sell their crafts, their vegetables and provide additional activities for the camps
  • In Botswana and Namibia, 8.9% and 15.7% of the population respectively are employed by the tourism sector. These percentages rival Southern European countries like Italy and Spain 
  • Safari camps also run a number of empowerment projects in the villages. It’s a win-win. Schools and health clinics are supported. Which in turn improves the educational level and health of their staff

One employed person typically supports between five and ten other people. 

Read our article about Safari companies in South Africa with conservation at their core


Doing good for the environment

When you choose a trip to Africa, you are helping to preserve and indeed return the landscapes to their natural habitats. Conservation is fundamental to this.

Covid 19 has had a devastating effect on both wildlife conservation efforts and people’s livelihoods. African Governments are not rich enough to divert scarce resources into wildlife conservation when they need it for hospital beds and community screening.

No safari camps open has meant no park fees and no income for many families adjacent to the wildlife reserves.

Ladies on beach near Stone Town Zanzibar

But a trip to Africa is not just about doing good and feeling a warm glow.

Doing good for yourself as well

It’s a WIN for you too. An African safari can give you an immediate boost, the kind of restorative vacation that makes you a better partner, parent, child or friend.

We are equally comfortable on that score as well.

With a couple of notable exceptions – Cape Town and the beautiful old towns of the Cape – our beauty does not lie in the cities of Africa.

Nimali Central Serengeti dining by the fire

So what we offer may well be in line with what you seek in a post-Covid world:

  • Magnificent wild landscapes to appreciate
  • A sense of pervading wilderness which is increasingly rare
  • Majestic wildlife
  • Friendly hospitable and welcoming people
  • Superb beaches to rival the best in the world
  • Tasty and accessible mix of African and Western food, all washed down with stunning wines and great locally-crafted beer

With the possible exception of Christmas in Cape Town, you never get a sense of thronging people and restaurants stretched to the max.

There is nothing to beat sitting down on a hillside to watch animals drink from a river on the plains below. The peacefulness is primal.

So, as you plan your next “big trip”, remember why so many choose Africa – that even a first visit can feel – not like staying home – but coming home.

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