Lodges in Africa pioneering environmentally friendly projects

Some might assume that most lodges have ‘come to the party’ and aligned themselves with environmentally friendly practices by now. Indeed a large number of them are making strides in altering their daily operations and are minimising their impact on the environment.

But there are a few lodges who have come up with some innovative projects and sustainable practices that are worth a special mention (in our opinion!). Although there are many more we could applaud, here are a few that have caught our attention…


Camp Okavango



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Cape Town Water Crisis – Cedarberg Africa’s insights & info for visitors

As you may be aware, Cape Town, and the Cape Winelands, had one of the worst droughts in recent history last summer. Though we are now in the winter rainfall period, the region is still not ‘out of the woods’ yet. So even though the rain is now falling, there are still water restrictions. This… Read more »