Where to go in Africa in August, September and October

Are you considering a safari between August and October, but have no idea where to go in Africa? We know all too well about the endless options in such a sizeable and diverse continent as ours… The choices can be overwhelming!

In this article in our ‘Where to go in Africa’ series, we give you our expert advice and recommendations for travel during the months August, September and October.

Slackpacking trails in South Africa - Cederberg Rocklands


No longer Cinderella – Introducing Zambezi National Park

Over the last few years there has been an explosion of activity in this once sleepy backwater with a raft of new game lodges opening up. For years the Zambezi National Park was considered the small, somewhat inconsequential step-sister, to the bigger and brasher Chobe National Park. Chobe had the brand name. Chobe was in… Read more »

Our Top 10 Restaurants in Cape Town

Our Top 10 Restaurants in Cape Town Cape Town has been praised as a top culinary destination, with new restaurants and talented young chefs popping up all the time. We’ve updated the top 10 restaurants in Cape Town list below to include all the stars that emerged after the 2019 Eat Out Awards in South… Read more »