Great Rift Valley Lakes

Beautiful lakes filled with grunting hippos, cool crocodiles and the air pink with flamingoes...


The Great Rift Valley, a huge geological fault-line. Which runs south through Kenya from the remote turquoise Lake Turkana in the north, bisects Kenya and much of Africa. Along its entire length are active and semi-active volcanoes and hot springs.  Here you find some of Kenya’s most beautiful lakes surrounded by lush cattle and game estates.

The Great Rift Valley area is often the starting point for a Kenya safari. As it’s only a two hour drive or short flight from Nairobi. And there are direct flights from Naivasha on to the Masai Mara. It is an ideal curtain raiser to a Kenya safari.

Soda Lakes of Kenya

One of the highlights of the Great Rift Valley region is the picturesque  ‘flamingo lake’ of Lake Nakuru. Famous for its colourful flamingos and abundant rhino. The soda lakes of Bogoria, Elementaita and Nakuru all attract swathes of flamingos, pelicans and other birds. While the freshwater lakes of Naivasha and Baringo offer good boating and fishing.

You can enjoy a trip to Hell’s Gate with its spectacular canyon, hot springs and abundant wildlife; or have a picnic lunch on crescent island or a guided walk around Crater Lake.

Cattle & game estates in the Great Rift Valley

The highlands surrounding the soda lakes are lush pasture, first roamed by Masai herdsmen and then settled by successive generations of pioneer adventurers.  We recommend Loldia House, a restored old colonial farmhouse on the shores of Lake Naivasha.

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