Governors Rift Valley & Mara

A 5 night Luxury fly-in safari from Nairobi to Lake Naivasha and the Masai Mara. With 2 nights at Loldia House and then 3 nights at Little Governors Camp in the Maasai Mara.

5 Nights


₤ 3,020 (PPS)


This is a 5 night luxury fly-in safari from Nairobi to Lake Naivasha and the Masai Mara. Travel in the style and high expectations of the colonial elite. With two very different safari areas to contrast, both Kenyan highlights.

A couple of days on the shore of Lake Naivasha makes a tranquil and evocative start to this Governors Rift Valley & Mara safari. Take it easy, soaking up the colonial ambience of the homestead, riding, boating or walking. Or take a trip up to Lake Nakuru for flamingoes, leopard, rhino and stunning scenery. This is followed by a flight to the magnificent Masai Mara . And a stay in the heart of 'Big Cat Diary' country.

This itinerary works with any incoming international flight and extra nights can easily be added in the Masai Mara, Lake Naivasha. The Paired Back option uses Governors camp instead of Little Governors. Whilst the Red Carpet Option swaps out Loldia House for Governors Mugie Lodge in the game-rich Laikipia region.

Governors Rift Valley & Mara at a glance:

Road transfer to the Rift Valley area for 2 nights Loldia House (FI)

Fly onto Masai Mara for 3 nights Little Governors Camp

Notes on Pricing

  • The Red Carpet option shows the price with Governors Mugie House in Laikipia instead of Loldia House.
  • The Pared back option shows the price with Governors Main Camp.
  • The price for June & November is the same as the price for Jan to March
  • The price for the festive season is the same as the price for the peak season (July to Oct)
  • There is a Stay 6 nights, pay for only 5 Offer until 30 June 2022. So you could stay an extra night almost for free. I say ''almost'' as you still have to pay for the Park fees for the extra night.
  • Similarly there's a fantastic Stay 8 nights, pay for only 6 Offer where we can combine all three camps - Little Governors, Governors Mugie House in Laikipia and Lodloa House on Lake Navaisha - in a fantastic fly-in safari. Contact us for a quote.

Climate and When to Travel - Kenya has a very even, pleasant climate. December to Mid March is the warmest time of the year when it can reach approximately 35° C during the day. July and August are the coolest months and are often overcast especially in the morning. But this is the peak season for the wilderbeest migration in the Mara.

Solo Travellers - We have  selected as ideal for Solo travellers as there is no single supplement for most of the year. Except August and September. But even then, it is only 15% extra.

Governors Rift Valley & Mara at a glance

PRICE FROM ₤ 3,020 (PPS)

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Pared Back
if you need to save
Average Of
₤ 3,166
Paired Back uses Governors Main Camp instead
This Itinerary
as outlined above
Average Of
₤ 3,309
Red Carpet
all the bells & whistles
Average Of
₤ 3,943
Red Carpet swaps out Loldia House for Governors Mugie Camp in Laikipa


Accommodation and all meals, transfers, scheduled domestic flights, game drives, park fees, game walks at Loldia House


Drinks and gratuities