Andasibe National Park

Follow the eerie call of the Indri, Madagascar's largest lemur...


Lemur Safaris in Mantadia & Andasibe National Park

The Andasibe-Mantadia National Park. protects some of the tropical montane rainforests of Eastern Madagascar which are some of the densest in the world. These rainforests are a must-see on any Madagascar safari. A big part of the attraction are the Indri lemurs. Walking through the rainforest, as its distinctive siren-like calls emanate from the mist-covered canopy is one of the most memorable experiences of your Andasibe safari.

Andasibe-Mantadia National Parks comprises two almost adjacent parks which are an easy 3+ hour scenic drive from Antananarivo (Tana). Ideally, we recommend 2-3 nights here so that you can visit both parks. Also this gives you enough time to relax at your lodge or see some of the smaller reserves in the area as well. We recommend enjoying a night walking safari in search of nocturnal species.

Andasibe National Park has two elements.  The most accessible part is the Analamazoatra Special Reserve. (The old name was Perinet Special Reserve, and it's also called the Indri Special Reserve.) This park has several well-maintained forest paths, mostly gentle in terrain. Typically you visit at dawn to see the Indri lemurs when they are most active.

Top attractions of Madagascar - Indri indri

Wilder Mantadia National Park

For a wilder safari to see the golden sifaka lemurs, amongst others, you can explore the larger Andasibe-Mantadia National Park. This has pristine forest and more challenging terrain, with steeper trails. So best if you are reasonably fit. The forest is primary rainforest so there is a greater variety of wildlife here, with several lemur species. The two forests used to be connected but logging (usually done by overseas companies) is a real concern in Madagascar.

Lemur safari

Handy Tip: The challenge for a Madagascar safari is to reduce the number of nights in Tana. If you put Andasibe at the end of your trip, then you can travel back to the airport by road on the final day in time for your evening flight. Thus cutting out the usually ubiquitous final night in Tana.


Why you may love it

  • The parks boasts 13 species of lemurs, chameleons and more than 100 bird species.
  • Tracking the impressive Indri, the largest lemur of all.
  • Its floral diversity is particularly rich.
  • Mantadia offers a greater variety of wildlife.
  • Wilder, and steeper walking trails in Mantadia reserve.
  • Night walks to see the nocturnal species.
  • Kayak over to Lemur Island at Vakona Forest Lodge for a close-up lemur encounter.
  • Birding in Mantadia Reserve is especially good with over 100 species.

When to visit Andasibe National Park

December to March

Rainy summer season

The eastern highlands share the higher rainfall of Ile Sainte Marie and generally speaking the closer to the coast, the wetter it gets. Here it rains throughout the year but again more in the summer and much less in the winter months. Summer months bring the most rain with rain either every day or every other day. Temperatures are warm.
MAX TEMP 28 ℃ / 81 ℉
MIN TEMP 17 ℃ / 63 ℉

April to May

Shoulder season

This is a fairly good time to visit. But the rainforest terrain will still be sodden so longer hikes can be muddy.
MAX TEMP 26 ℃ / 79 ℉
MIN TEMP 16 ℃ / 60 ℉

June to August

Relatively dry season

This is a good time to visit as it is relatively dry (always some chance of rain) so good for hiking in the rainforests to see the lemurs. The Eastern highlands can be both cool and clammy which is not ideal, especially at night. We recommend bringing a hot water bottle for your bed, as these are not supplied!
MAX TEMP 21 ℃ / 70 ℉
MIN TEMP 11 ℃ / 52 ℉

September to November

Best time to visit

This is probably the best time to visit as the drier months continue so it’s the best time for hiking in the rainforests.
MAX TEMP 27 ℃ / 81 ℉
MIN TEMP 15 ℃ / 59 ℉

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Did you know
  • WildlifeThe Indri-Indri is largest lemur in the world.
  • WildlifeThe largest chameleon in the world can be found here.