Eastern Highlands and Ile Sainte Marie Madagascar Tour

This 10 night tour is an attractive option. It allows you to see the Eastern Rainforests, the Canal des Pangalanes and also the lovely Ile Sainte Marie. With only one domestic flight you don’t have to keep returning to Antananarivo.

10 Nights


$ 1,982 (Pps)


The pint-sized ‘continent’ of Madagascar split from Godwanaland some 165 million years ago. A Noah’s ark of sorts sailing away to the east. This isolation led to a separate evolution of flora and fauna. Creating a paradise for nature-lovers with over 20,000 species of flora and fauna. 80% of which are not found anywhere else on this planet! This strangest of islands is an incredibly exciting destination. Known for its lemurs, orchids (1000 species), chameleons (over 70% of the world’s population) and frogs (a mere 150 species).

You begin with the lush Eastern rainforest area of the Andasibe-Mantadia Natural Park. Famed for its rainforest animals, including the indri indri as well as birds, insect life and frogs. Enjoy morning walks in the forest and night walks in season.

Next you head to the Eastern coast of Madagascar to the unique canal and lake system called the Canal de Pangalanes. This scenic wetlands area is also home to the Palmarium Reserve. This private reserve makes for a good adjunct to the Andasibe-Mantadia National Park. They have introduced lemurs from various parts of Madagascar here so that you see a broader range in close quarters.

This is perfect for keen photographers as you see first lemurs in the natural primary forest and then in this secondary forest area. There is also an opportunity to see the extremely rare Aye Aye nocturnal lemur on a night walk in a specially created island reserve.

Next you take a scenic drive up the coastal road staying overnight in the sleepy village of Mahambo. The following morning you enjoy a scenic drive up the coast to the ferry for the boat cruise to Ile Sainte Marie for 3 nights. We offer accommodation at two different price points on Ile Sainte Marie. Plus it is very easy to add extra nights in Ile Sainte Marie, if you have the time.

Tour Highlights

  • Lush rainforests of Andasibe
  • The Canal de Pangalanes
  • Picturesque Ile Sainte Marie

Eastern Highlands and Ile Sainte Marie Madagascar Tour at a glance

PRICE FROM $ 1,982 (PPS)
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