For years the latest innovation (ha!) was GPS rental. We added this into our car rental rates at a nominal extra charge. (So it was much less than if you decided to rent one later only at the car rental counter). Nice but not exactly revolutionary!

Recently Europcar introduced a much more attractive option. Data on the Go is the name.

We can include Data on the Go in our car rental  and the driver gets 1GB data per day for use in the rental car. Up to 5 devices can be connected to it so that the whole family can connect if need be.

Again we can include it at a much lower cost than if you decide to take it later at the car rental counter.

Obviously once you have Data on the Go, the need for the, frankly, clunky GPS device falls away. You can now log your smartphone on to the car’s wifi hotspot, and then use Google Maps when you wish.

They have now also added a smartphone holder into the cars which makes it even easier to use google maps for directions.

Note on GPS

Of course there are limitations with using Google Maps as with any GPS in South Africa. We still recommend using our written directions, as some of their routes are questionable when in rural areas. BUT it is a godsend in a city or town environment when you are trying to find the hotel!

See our blog about Using GPS on a self drive holiday in South Africa


So 1GB will see you through the day if using Google Maps, checking emails and looking up the odd thing on the internet. But of course streaming Netflix series is another matter. But thankfully for us, that’s for you to decide about, not us.

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