Stone Town

From slave markets to Sultan's Palace, soak up centuries of culture in this historic old town of Zanzibar.


Stone Town – the historic capital of Zanzibar

Stone Town is where the slavery and the spice trade ensured Zanzibar’s early wealth. The narrow, winding streets are thronging with the descendants of Arab and Swahili traders. It certainly does feel totally different from the rest of Tanzania, with its own unique cultures, traditions and architecture. Arab, Indian, Persian and European influences blend with local African tradition. Historic buildings offer elaborately carved wooden doors. Courtyard houses, shaded by balconies, loggias and verandas line the narrow alleys. Many parts of the old city can only be reached on foot.

If you enjoy history and architecture, we recommend a night or two in Zanzibar’s Stone Town staying in one of the atmospheric hotels in the old town centre so that you can enjoy its unique ambience. We recommend Jafferji House, or Hurumzi House. Take an afternoon walking tour to learn more about the history of Stone Town, or spend some time exploring the little alley stalls in the narrow streets.