Africa safari in April – some suggestions

Days are getting cooler in South Africa. So you may not be heading into the ocean so readily. But this is a great time for an active holiday (such as our walking tours).

In fact its one of our favorite months. As like Goldilocks, its not too hot and not too cold. its just right! As the scorching hot summer days are replaced by warm sunshine, so being active and sight-seeing are more enjoyable.

Late April often sees the onset of wetter weather in Cape Town, but the warm ocean, low rainfall and comfortable temperatures attract many to coastal Maputaland.

The lodges in Zambia and Malawi are starting to open up at the beginning of the “Green Season” which normally open from April (or May) and lasts until June.

At the Victoria Falls, April and May see peak flows – very dramatic. But the large amounts of spray may limit visibility and thus your photographic abilities.

The cyclone season should now be over in Mauritius, Madagascar and Mozambique. In the Seychelles, conditions for swimming, snorkelling and diving are superb, with good visibility and calm seas. It’s one of the two calmer periods between the trade winds. Birders will note that this is the start of the breeding season.

In Uganda it’s bang in the middle of the rainy season that typically extends from March to May: trekking through the forests in search of primates will be less comfortable. But paradoxically locating the primates is easier. As the groups are less active. The early part of the wet season is also a good time to consider Kidepo Valley National Park in the far north. Though game does spread out more with the onset of rain, the temperatures drop. And the semi-arid savannah is prettily tinged with green, birding is good and there is still plenty of wildlife to be seen.

Where not to go

In East Africa, the long rains usually arrive around the beginning of April in the most popular destinations of East Africa: many camps and lodges will be closed in Kenya and Tanzania during April and May.

Recommended Countries / Areas






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