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An extraordinary adventure safari

Rwanda is firmly on the map for an extraordinary adventure. Gorilla trekking in Rwanda is likely to be the highlight of your Rwanda safari. But it offers so much more: tracking chimpanzees in ancient high-altitude Nyungwe Forest, the scenic beauty of Lake Kivu and the diverse wildlife, predators and lakes of Akergera. Scenic roads wind through fertile hillsides terraced with coffee-plantations.

Mountain Gorillas in Rwanda

The rare promise of seeing some of the last wild population of mountain gorillas is the lure for most visitors. The charismatic Great Apes live in the high-altitude rainforest of the Volcanoes National Park, home to over half of the estimated population of 1000 mountain gorillas.  There are 12 habituated mountain gorilla groups here so this is one of the best places in the world for a gorilla trekking tour.


Rwanda – the Land of a Thousand Hills

A visit to see the Gorillas and other wildlife in Rwanda will be a life-changing experience. Especially if you have had the assistance of an understanding safari specialist professional who can answer your questions.

Gorilla Trekking

How to make it happen?

Now – more than ever – you’re looking for a life-affirming experience. To have the freedom to travel and explore far-flung destinations.

But there’s lots of information out there so you need someone to help you. To answer your questions. (When to travel? How long to spend in each area? How much to spend?)

So you need reliable help to put the programme together, book the highly sought-after permits, make sure the trip flows at the right pace. Not too fast to exhaust you, but with the perfect mix of adventure and relaxation.

Introducing Cedarberg Africa

Several of the team at Cedarberg Africa have travelled around Rwanda so we know from our experience some of the questions in your head. We’ve visited many of the lodges and so we can help you decide between them. We’ve trekked to see gorillas in Rwanda (and Uganda) and also enjoyed many of other excursions.

We love Rwanda and so we enjoy creating the perfect safari trips for our clients.  For us it’s all about the personal. It’s our job to understand what YOU are looking for so that we can use our expertise to narrow down the choices and present feasible ideas to you. You can relax and ENJOY the planning process, when you are working with us.

What to do now?

  • Start by talking to us and sharing your ideas. We find the mix of your ideas on an initial enquiry form or email followed by a 15-20 minute phone call with us is worth hours of research. It often helps to clarify things at an early stage. However you may like to look at some of our sample safaris beforehand. (See links below)
  • We’ll propose an initial safari outline and price.
  • Then we refine it with you so that it is perfect for your needs. You pay a deposit and it is all put in place with the minimum of effort.

Get the ball rolling!

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The End Result?

Imagine how you will feel when, having hiked through the forest, you come face to face with the Mountain Gorillas. To spend time with such a majestic creature which is being protected through sustainable tourism and conservation.   

A Rwanda safari is the perfect antidote to what we’ve just experienced. A positive travel experience which is good for you AND good for wildlife conservation and communities in Rwanda.  And such unique travel experiences with family and friends can form some of our strongest bonds and memories.

Sample Rwanda Safari Ideas

Our three sample Rwanda gorilla tours below give a good sense of what’s possible. But we can tailor-made a private Rwanda safari tour for you. Rwanda is a great destination on its own. But why not also combine Rwanda gorilla trekking with a migration safari in Tanzania or Kenya?

Gorilla trekking in Rwanda

Best of Rwanda (6+ nights)

This private Rwanda safari visits three stunning regions (Nyungwe Forest for chimpanzee tracking, Lake Kivu and Volcanoes National Park) with a two-night stay to track the mountain gorillas. Choice of accommodation levels.

Baby gorilla seen on Rwanda Gorilla trekking tours

Gorilla Mountain Snapshot (4 nights)

Gorilla Mountain Snapshot is a short private safari in Rwanda with a focus on gorilla tracking. Stay at a choice of three lodges, Bishops House, Sabyinyo Silverback Lodge or the ultra-luxurious Bisate Lodge.

Esssence of Rwanda (8+ nights)

This is a private Rwanda gorilla tour with chimpanzee treks, gorilla tracking, golden monkeys, rainforest walks, scenic drives, cultural visits and lake adventures. All Rwanda’s treasures in one exciting safari!

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