Adrenalin adventure activities at Victoria Falls


Victoria Falls


$ 45 (Pps)

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For many years Victoria Falls has been an adventure capital of note with serious white water rafting, bunji-jumping and bridge swings on offer. More recently abseiling, gorge swings, zip-lines and flying foxes have been added to the list of adrenalin adventure activities from Livingstone…

Bridge Swing
Take a leap of faith from the Victoria Falls railway Bridge and feel the force of the mighty Zambezi River as you plunge towards its boiling waters. Or take a friend down with you, side by side, hold on tight as you swing together into no-man’s-land. The minimum weight is 40kg.

Bridge Slide
This takes you from the Zambian side of the Gorge to the Zimbabwean side. Over the 100 year old Victoria Falls Railway, on a cable suspended over the Batoka Gorge. The minimum age is 8 years, with a minimum weight of 20 kg and maximum weight of 120 kg (if doing a tandem jump).

Note: You can enjoy three experiences: the Bungi Jump, the Bridge Swing and the Bridge Slide for a lower price. Please contact us for details. The minimum age for the combination is 14 years.

Abseiling, Gorge Swing and Flying Fox – Zimbabwean side only

Slide 53 meters down the gorge on the end of a rope either facing the cliff face or looking down into the void. The walk out is up quite a steep slope but it is not far.

Flying Fox
The Flying Fox is a cable slide across the gorge high above the floor. You can sit or be strapped, face down, looking at the ground far below as you fly across the gorge. No walk out is necessary because you are pulled back.

Gorge Swing
Fling yourself over the edge in a body harness. Falling some 50 meters and swinging right across the gorge and back until the momentum runs out and you are lowered to the ground to walk out.

The price shown above is the starting price for the Flying Fox. It is cheaper per activity if you do more than one.

Please Note: We only book our experiences as part of a tailor-made trip, not as standalone excursions. Contact us to fit one or more of these adrenalin adventure activities from Livingstone into your itinerary.