Get our Complimentary Wildebeest Migration Guide

You are keen to see the Wildebeest Migration in Tanzania or Kenya. But you’d like to know more about how the migration works. Request our in-depth 42- page guide to the Wildebeest migration to find out:

It contains:

  • Maps of the migration
  • How the great zebra and wildebeest migration moves – month by month
  • Identify the best wildlife areas to stay on safari to see the migration
  • Migration Dogmas explained (and sometimes dismissed)
  • What you can Expect to See?
  • Key Questions:
    • Tailor-made private safaris or scheduled tours?
    • Can I visit the Serengeti & the Mara?
    • Game drives & Safari flights
  • Find out the best places to stay to see a river crossing
  • How to plan for the wet and dry season safaris
  • Family safaris & the Migration
  • Migration Travel Tips