Critters on Safari

Download our Critters & the Fear Factor Guide on Safari

Some lucky individuals are fearless or utterly rational in all their activities and undertakings. But many of us are burdened with phobias. You might be cool about insects and creepy crawlies, but distinctly uneasy about light aircraft. Or being in, on or under the water… In preparing for any new experience, it’s a good idea to square up to these and ask yourself whether your feelings are strong enough to justify designing a trip around them.

Here are a few factors to consider when going on a safari. Try to think about these sooner, rather than later, when planning a trip to Africa.

  • Flying in light aircraft
  • Sleeping under Canvas
  • Spiders & Insects
  • Dust, dirt and general dishevement
  • The Fear factor
  • Jabs & Tablets

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