Dolphin- & Whale-watching ocean safaris in Port Elizabeth


Port Elizabeth & St Francis Bay

Dolphin- & Whale-watching safaris in Port Elizabeth

Enjoy a morning ocean safari from Port Elizabeth on the Eastern Cape. You will have the chance to spot whales in season as well as dolphins and penguins. Funds generated from whale-watching ocean safaris and other marine eco-tours are used to fund the Baywatch Project and the Penguin Research Fund.

Raggy Charters, in combination with the Baywatch Marine Conservation Project, offers expertly guided whale-watching ocean safaris. They also offer cruises focusing on African penguin and dolphins.

Their close encounter permit allows you to experience marine mammal viewing from only 50 metres away. If the whales approach the boat, they are also permitted to stay so that you get an up-close and personal experience with these mammals.

In addition to whale- and dolphin-watching, you’ll enjoy many other wonders of the bay: pelagic birds and penguins.

They offer an ocean safari throughout the year. Different marine animals are seen at different times of the year. Whales are mostly seen from July to November. Dolphins are seen during the African summer months from December to early winter. Light refreshments and snacks are served during the cruise. There is an option of having lunch at the yacht club afterwards (for your own account).

Afternoon Beachfront Cruise

Sunset beachfront boat cruises take place in the late afternoon (depending on time of year) from the Algoa Yacht Club. The sunset cruise lasts 1 to 1½ hours. Light refreshments and snacks are served during the cruise and there is an option of having a meal at the yacht club afterwards.

Pre-booking is essential and there may be minimum numbers needed before they confirm.