Visit Wupperthal mission village




The Wupperthal Mission Village


Note: Unfortunately Wupperthal was destroyed in a devastating fire in late 2018. It is currently unclear how, and when, it will be rebuilt and it is currently closed to outside visitors

The Wupperthal mission village was founded in the early 19th century. It remains quiet & seemingly untouched by the 20th century with some villagers still travelling about by donkey & cart. Wupperthal lies deep in a hidden valley so remote that you get a strong impression that the way of life here has changed very little. It’s a very small village, yet it is the journey to the village, as much as the village itself, which is fascinating with unique Karoo scenery.

You can visit the old attractive Moravian Church. Enjoy lunch at the Lekkerbekkie coffee shop and stroll around the picturesque village. Perhaps buy some locally-made ‘veld’ shoes at the shoe factory (not open at weekends).

You can make a day of it by combining a visit to Wupperthal with enjoying the rock art on the Sevilla Rock Art trail which is en route. The trail takes 2-3 hours to visit all 9 sites. Stop to pay your respects at the Englishman’s grave from the Anglo-Boer war just further on.

In spring time we strongly recommend combining Wupperthal with a visit to the Biedouw Valley with its superb flower displays. The ideal time to visit is early to late August though the timing does vary slightly from year to year.