Sandwich Lagoon 4×4 excursion




₤ 83 (Pps)

Sandwich 4x4 excursion4×4 excursion to Sandwich lagoon & dunes

This is a unique and exhilarating 4×4 excursion to visit Sandwich harbour and the lagoon (tide permitting). Breath-taking panoramic views of the picturesque dunes engulfed by the sea makes for brilliant photo opportunities.

The Sandwich 4×4 excursion includes Walvis Bay lagoon, the saltpans, the Kuiseb River delta, Sandwich harbour, and – if weather and tides allow for it – the Sandwich harbour lagoon. This is a mix of adrenalin rush from crossing the dunes, and an ecological outing. There’s plenty of time to stop and take pictures, and to enjoy the beautiful and unique scenery of one of the most spectacular areas in Namibia. The roaring dunes and lookout spots are a highlight of every tour.

For keen bird watchers, a visit to these pristine birding sites is a must, with both wetland and desert based birds to be seen. This tour takes place in the Namib Naukluft Conservation Area, which increases the chances of spotting animals like Springbok and Jackal.

Visits to Sandwich lagoon are tide-dependent

If the weather and tides allow – which they may not – you may be able to drive right to the Sandwich Harbour lagoon. However, if the tides don’t allow this, you may be able to walk some of the way. Alternatively, you will head over the dunes to see the lagoon area from one of the many beautiful lookout spots.

Note that you may be doing this excursion with other people. So, if only some of you wish to walk and others wish to drive to the lookout points, which is the most popular option, you’ll probably go to the viewpoints!

You choose between a full day Sandwich 4×4 excursion, a morning tour, or an afternoon tour. The full day tour includes a homemade lunch.

The price below is for the full day excursion. The half day option is a little less. But you could combine it with the kayaking excursion or the catamaran cruise.