Kayaking on Walvis Lagoon




₤ 42 (Pps)

Walvis Lagoon kayaking near Swakopmund

Swakopmund-kayaking-seals-SS-43042522Weather permitting, this is a great excursion from Walvis Bay which is only 30km south of Swakopmund.

You meet up early in Walvis Bay and head to Pelican Point for some kayaking with a seal colony and – if you are lucky – even dolphins! On the 4×4 drive to the launch site, you may see the Walvis Bay wetlands. It is home to massive flocks of birds, such as flamingos and pelicans, as well as one of the largest salt mines in the world. Pelican Point is home to up to 50,000 Cape Fur seals, lots of Heaviside and Bottlenose dolphins, black-backed jackals, flamingos, pelicans and even the brown hyena. The Pelican Point lighthouse, erected nearly 100 years ago, still casts a guiding light to sailors during the night.

The seals are very playful and curious, and love to interact with the kayaks. Usually they may come up to you and even splash water at you! On a kayak, you become part of the ocean without disturbing the wildlife. The animals do not see you as a threat in any way. So, you have the opportunity to see them in their natural state.

Practicalities:  This is an early morning excursion from 7.45am to approximately 11.30am. You can choose between single or double kayaks. You may like to combine it with the 4×4 excursion to Sandwich harbour…

Kayaking on Walvis lagoon and 4×4 trip to Sandwich harbour and lagoon

This Kayaking Combo is a combination of the morning Pelican Point Kayaking tour and the Sandwich Harbour 4×4 Excursion returning at approximately 4.30 pm. Lunch, drinks and permits are included.

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Note: The price given above is for the Pelican Point Kayaking experience. The price is much higher for the Kayak & Sandwich Harbour 4×4 combo.