Hot air ballooning over the Namib


Sossusvlei & Namib Desert


₤ 332 (Pps)

Hot Air Ballooning at Sossusvlei, Namib Desert

Situated in the heart of the Namib Naukluft Park is Sossusvlei. This is one of the most fascinating landscapes in Namibia, a photographer’s dream. Gigantic orange dunes, dramatic shadows, undulating plains and rocky mountains create a magical kaleidoscope of colours and shapes. To the east, towering granite mountains and rolling dunes surround the Namib Rand Nature Reserve’s vast sandy plains. Here, in the oldest desert on the planet, amazingly adapted animals and plants come together to form one of the most visually stunning ecosystems in the world.

Hot air ballooning safari in Namib

And truly the best way to experience the heart of the Namib desert is with a hot air balloon safari. You can undertake this experience from Sesriem (near Sossusvlei). Or in the Namib Rand to the south, if you pre-book.

Watch the spectacular sunrise over this magnificent landscape from a silent hot air balloon. Enjoy the experience of a lifetime!


This is an early morning activity finishing in the mid-morning. So it is not possible to do if you are departing early in the day. And similarly you cannot combine it with a visit to Sossusvlei. As that is also an early morning activity. So you really need 2 or 3 nights in the area.

Hot air ballooning is not possible from mid January to mid February.