North Luangwa

The North Luangwa is a pristine and remote safari destination specializing in walking safaris.


North Luangwa National Park

The North Luangwa park lies, not unsurprisingly, to the north of its more famous southern sister. Together they form part of the Great Rift Valley which runs from East Africa down to Zambia. The Luangwa river, with its rich alluvial soils, feeds the North Luangwa National Park but the safari camps are located on the perennial Mwaleshi river.

This pristine wilderness environment boasts large herds of the endemic Cookson’s wildebeest and eland. These are not seen so readily further south. It also has good concentrations of lion. Given it is a wilderness park, the North Luangwa is ideal for a second time Zambia safari visitor. There are very few roads so safari activities are undertaken largely on foot. However, you can enjoy excursions to the Chipopma Falls or the Mwaleshi Falls.

How to get to the North Luangwa National Park

The North Luangwa National Park in Zambia is accessed by flying in from Mfuwe Airport. This is the main airport for the region with daily flights in. Or you can stay first at Tafika Camp , one of the northern private concessions of the South Luangwa . Then you fly from their airstrip at Lukuzi onto the North Luangwa.