Quirimbas Islands

The 32 tiny Quirimbas islands are some of the world's best diving and fishing destinations but are barely on most tourists' radar.


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The 32 tiny Quirimbas islands are some of the world's best diving and fishing destinations. But they are barely on most visitors' radar. This string of islands offers stunning white beaches, a pristine marine environment. And a sense of being utterly away from the maelstrom of the world. The Quirimbas islands archipelago stretches for over 100 km in the far north of Mozambique. However the Quirimbas National Park preserves and protects these islands and some mainland forests with its stunning beauty.

In particular, the Quirimbas is perfect for world-class scuba diving. The complete lack of development in the Quirimbas Archipelago has meant that the coral reefs here has not suffered the degradation seen elsewhere. The colours of the reefs are vibrant and pristine. And the warm Indian Ocean waters teem with fish. So, it will also suit couples seeking a truly remote tropical island destination for their honeymoon or a romantic getaway.

Note: At the moment the far northern part of Mozambique is experiencing some civil unrest and this is not an area we are currently promoting, despite its beauty.

Dinner at Ibo Island Lodge


Why you may love it

  • World-class diving opportunity.
  • ‘Away-from-it’ all beach holiday or honeymoon.
  • Authentic Mozambican culture & architecture on Ibo Island & Ilha de Mozambique.
  • Buy local jewelry made from old silver.

When to visit Quirimbas Islands

December to March

Summer in Quirimbas Islands

In summer, the north-west monsoon prevails in the Quirimbas. Rain is mainly in the form of showers and afternoon thunderstorms so there is still a reasonable amount of sunshine. March is the wettest month. There is also the chance of tropical cyclones especially in February and March so this time is not recommended.
MAX TEMP 32 ℃ / 90 ℉
MIN TEMP 24 ℃ / 75 ℉

April & May

The start of the Dry season

This is a transitional period when the rain tapers off (during April) and the dry season starts in May. However, daytime temperatures stay hot. Great time to visit.
MAX TEMP 31 ℃ / 88 ℉
MIN TEMP 22 ℃ / 72 ℉

June to August

Sea temperatures - Pleasant

This is the dry season so the ideal time to combine a South African safari with some beach time in the Quirimbas. Temperatures remain hot (28-29c). Sea temperatures stay warm all year ranging from 29C down to a still pleasant 26C in July & August.
MAX TEMP 28 ℃ / 82 ℉
MIN TEMP 19 ℃ / 66 ℉

September to November

Sunniest time of year

This is the sunniest time of year. Temperatures rise steadily from mid-August onwards becoming seriously hot in October to November (max 31c with high humidity) just prior to the start of summer rains which usually begin somewhere in November.
MAX TEMP 31 ℃ / 88 ℉
MIN TEMP 22 ℃ / 72 ℉

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