Uthando Projects Tour


Cape Town


₤ 54 (Pps)

Uthando Projects Tour  – mornings only

Uthando is an NGO (Not For Profit organization). It channels money from the Tourism industry into a variety of income generating projects within the townships around Cape Town. It also offers tailor-made, unique and authentic cultural field trips, visiting some of these projects. You can have a direct insight into the remarkable stories that make life in South Africa so interesting, dynamic and inspiring. The tours are interactive. You meet the people at the various projects, learning about their work and way of life first-hand.

By booking an Uthando Projects Tour, you are also automatically assisting the projects on a financial level. A substantial donation is given to the projects for each tour taken. The morning tours typically visit 3 or 4 different projects (of the 20 projects currently running).

We like these tours because it gives you a chance to meet the local people and see what they do. It also gives you the chance to contribute financially. Some (but not all) projects involve making crafts to sell so there could be an opportunity to buy authentic crafts at their point of origin. This tour also makes a nice change from ‘cultural township tours’ which some people find a little intrusive and voyeuristic.

Note: Private tours are possible, but not encouraged as the main focus of Uthando is on the community projects themselves, and not so much the tourism visits to the projects.

Please note: Price is per person for the scheduled tours.