Plett Puzzle Park



Plett Puzzle Park

The park comprises two different puzzles – a large wooden maze and a series of puzzle challenges in the forest. What I liked was that it wasn’t too easy, so parents can enjoy it as well.

The challenge in the wooden maze is to find your way to all four corners of the maze (to the towers) where you collect a clue. With your four clues you solve a riddle (much like being part of a survivor challenge). It is quite difficult so that overall it takes 45 to 60 minutes to complete. However, there’s a lady on hand to give you helpful tips if needed. (There are also emergency exits if you need to go to the loo half way through!) It is not shaded so take a bottle of water and wear a hat.

The forest puzzle walk was even more fun! There are ten puzzles along the route – word, shapes and general knowledge which test your creative and strategic abilities. Parents will definitely have to help, though older children from 10 upwards will be able to do many of the puzzles themselves. Allow 45 to 60 minutes to complete the route.

On the way back to the gift shop and tea garden, there are some more (optional) word puzzles to solve. Great fun and a great alternative to another day on the beach if the weather’s not completely playing along!

Please note: We do not book this activity on a standalone basis. You can contact them on +[27] 44 534 8853 or via