Meerkat Adventures


Little Karoo


₤ 28 (Pps)

Meerkat Adventures in the Little Karoo

This is a very cool activity to do in the Little Karoo. It is ideal for older kids and teenagers who can just relax and enjoy this remarkable wildlife activity.

You head out at the crack of dawn (actually before dawn, so it helps if you stay close by) with some chairs and coffee to watch the sunrise. You then hike to the burrows of some meerkats to observe them wake up and go about the start of their day. These tours are dependent on fair weather, since these little creatures will not venture outside their burrows on cold and rainy days. This is the only site in South Africa where you can do an exclusive tour with wild meerkats. These habituated wild animals are never fed or handled by humans. Tours are presented by Devey, an experienced tour guide from the De Zeekoe Guestfarm.

The youngest age allowed is 10 years old. (Younger children have high pitched voices, and in meerkat language all alarms and warnings are high pitch sounds. On the other hand, meerkats filter out grownup voices which are deeper and low frequency sounds.)

The Meerkat Adventures tour takes about 2-3 hours. I would say it’s ideal for teenagers who are really into their wildlife.