Elephant Whispers Interaction


Blyde River Canyon


$ 52 (Pps)


Elephant Whispers


The Elephant Whisphers interaction (as well as the elephant interaction at the Elephant Sanctuary) is near Hazyview. Here you go a journey into the world of the African elephant as you meet a group of domesticated elephants.

Experience the thrill of being close to these magnificent creatures and witness their intelligence, compassionate nature and the relaxed interaction. The interaction with the elephants offers you the opportunity to touch the elephant and exchange trunk greetings. Experienced elephant handlers share their in-depth knowledge of fascinating elephant behaviour.

Their dedicated staff use only positive reinforcement training methods. And as a result the relaxed elephants enjoy interacting with guests. It’s a fascinating hands-on experience. For those seeking a unique and memorable wildlife encounter, an elephant interaction is an exciting and touching experience not to be missed.

Practicalities for the Elephant Whisphers Interaction

There’s a choice of options – a one hour interaction at 3 set times each day, an early morning brush down interaction at an eye-watering 6.30am and a sunset interaction and sundowners in the late afternoon.

You can also enjoy a similar experience either by staying at Jabulani where elephant interactions are part of the safari experience. Or you can visit Jabulani for an elephant interaction. (If you are staying at another Kapama lodge for example.) Contact us for quote.

Note: Please note that we don’t arrange these visits as stand-alone activities. Only as part of a tailor-made holiday booked with Cedarberg Africa