Cango caves


Little Karoo


₤ 3 (Pps)

The Cango Caves in the Little Karoo

The Cango Caves in the Little Karoo (Garden Route) are some of the largest limestone caverns in the world – and are still only partially explored! There are guided tours starting at 9am and then every hour on the hour until 4pm. In order to conserve the caves, they have strict limits on tour numbers. So, we recommend that you book ahead, especially during the school holidays. Please wear trainers and cool clothing as it gets very humid in the caves.

You can choose between the standard 60 minute tour, which is enjoyable but quite touristy, and the Adventure Tour.

The Postbox in the cango caves


Cango Caves Adventure Tour

The adventure tour begins at 9.30am and then departs every hour on the half hour (eg 10.30am, 11.30am) until 3.30pm. This is longer at 90 minutes long. It includes the highlights of the main tour and then heads into some of the more remote parts of the cave. This is suitable for older children (youngest age limit is 6 years) and people who are quite fit and not overweight. It’s NOT recommended for anyone who’s pregnant or suffers from claustrophobia, high blood pressure or asthma. You squeeze through little passages, crouch down a lot and right at the end there is an optional clambering section which leads to the famous ‘post box’, where you lie flat on the rock and post yourself through a narrow slit.

There’s a restaurant at the Cango caves, which is useful for grabbing coffee if you are waiting for a tour. But we recommend enjoying lunch at one of the farm restaurants nearby, such as Wilgewandel.

Please note: We don’t book this tour on a standalone basis. Booking is essential to guarantee your place. Please book your tour by emailing or phoning +[27] 44 272 7410.