Best Time to Travel?

We have given some indication of the best time to travel – and key climate info – on each country page. This is to be found by clicking on the Best Time to Visit tab in each country and also each major region within that country.

Below I outline in general terms how the safari seasons work in Southern Africa. This governs most of Southern Africa. The exception is the Western Cape of South Africa which has a Mediterranean climate

East Africa is slightly different and is generally governed by two rainy seasons with a drier climate in between.

Broadly speaking game-viewing is best in the dry season. There’s less surface water and the vegetation is sparser, so animals are easier to spot. And they are drawn to the waterholes and rivers in search of much needed water. It’s also a pleasant climate for game viewing with warm sunny (rather than scorching) days.

Next is a Travel Calendar/Planner which suggests different destinations depending on your month of travel. 

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