About Us

A Safari is one of the most personally rewarding travel experiences you could ever have. People fall in love with Africa: its people and culture, superb wildlife, and captivating landscapes. But you need to know what’s right for you. 

We help people by planning personal safaris so you get the safari you dreamed of without wasting hours of precious time.

Our clients are diverse…

After 25 years, we know our clients don’t fit into neat categories.

  • We have those who’ve been to Africa often and want fresh experiences.
  • We have first time visitors who don’t yet know what their ideal safari could be.
  • People have specific interests such as walking, photography or wine.
  • And of course people celebrating honeymoons, birthdays and anniversaries…

Our clients differ in other aspects as well. How much time they have. When they are travelling. What they want to spend. But the African continent is so diverse that we can satisfy these varying needs and expectations.

The only thing that our clients have in common is their desire to experience The Best African Adventure.

Africa is Calling

Africa is calling – as it does for so many people – but the choices of where to go and stay are somewhat daunting? You can’t possibly know what the best options are for you – even if you’ve spent hours researching.

But with us, it’s personal. We’ve been all over Africa and have first-hand knowledge of its destinations, lodges, and experiences. It’s our job, as your guide, to really understand your clients’ needs and then curate the safari experience to deliver the maximum value for you.

The fact that we’ve checked out the places and experiences we offer really helps. People like talking to people who can compare and contrast.

There are so many options out there that it’s sometimes confusing to know what’s right for you.

We’ve been offering safaris and holidays in Africa for 25 years and helped thousands of people have a truly magical experience, whilst also helping preserve the wildlife that is so unique. Perhaps we can help you? We love the challenge of matching someone’s interests and enthusiasms to the right destinations and the right lodges … FOR THEM!
It’s like a puzzle.

Secondly, we love the fact that tourism in the African context is working WITH wildlife conservation and local communities and not against it. Tourism drives positive change in Africa. It directly contributes to wildlife conservation and anti-poaching initiatives, improves the rural economy, reduces urbanisation, and helps protect natural habitats.  

Finally, everyone comes back having had a great time. So many clients say their safari has been their best trip ever!  And travel bonds with family and friends can be some of our strongest and memories.

Knowing that your efforts have contributed to those life-affirming experience is truly gratifying.