About Us

A safari is one of the most personally rewarding travel experiences you could ever have. People fall in love with Africa: its people and culture, superb wildlife, and captivating landscapes. But you need to know what’s right for YOU. 

We help people by planning personal safaris so you get the safari you’ve been waiting for, but without wasting hours of precious time navigating the endless possibilities.

Now – more than ever – you are looking for a life-affirming experience. One that’s not just a continuation of the same old, same old.

You want to feel alive again.

To have the freedom to travel and explore far-flung destinations, not just the ones on your doorstep.

You want to spend time with your loved ones, experiencing something new together. Creating new memories.

We believe that an African safari is the perfect antidote to what we’ve just experienced. A positive travel experience which is good for you AND good for wildlife conservation and the African community.

Diverse Clients. One Goal

But after 25 years, we know our clients don’t fit into neat categories.

  • We have those who’ve been to Africa often and want fresh experiences.
  • We have first time visitors who don’t yet know what the ideal safari for them could even look like.
  • We have people with specific interests such as walking, photography or wine.
  • And of course people celebrating honeymoons, birthdays and anniversaries…

Our clients differ in other aspects as well. But the African continent is so diverse that we can satisfy these varying needs and expectations.

The only thing that our clients have in common is their desire to experience The Best African Adventure… for THEM

From Confusion to Clarity

Africa is calling – as it does for so many people – but the choices of where to go and stay are somewhat daunting and complex! You can’t possibly know what the best options are for you – even if you’ve spent hours researching.

  • Where to go?
  • When to go?
  • How much time to spend?
  • How much money to spend?

Are you concerned about paying too much? Or paying too little, and realizing that you didn’t get what you wanted?

And there is so much information out there – including on these web pages – that it would take weeks of research to even start answering these questions.

And what’s right for one person will be a hopeless choice for someone else.

But with us, it’s personal. We’ve been all over Africa and have first-hand knowledge of its destinations, lodges, and experiences. It’s our job, as your guide, to really understand your needs and then curate the safari experience to deliver the maximum value for you.

The fact that we’ve checked out the places and experiences we offer really helps. People like talking to people who can compare and contrast.

There are so many options out there that it’s sometimes confusing to know what’s right for you.

So that’s where we come in

We’ve been offering safaris and holidays in Africa for well over 25 years and helped thousands of people have a truly magical experience, whilst also helping preserve the wildlife that is so unique.

Perhaps we can help you?

We love the challenge of matching someone’s interests and enthusiasms to the right destinations and the right lodges … FOR THEM! It’s like a puzzle.

You do the enjoyable bits. We do the nitty gritty.

We are just like you. We started out planning our own trips to places we wanted to see. We loved the design part. But it was the nitty gritty part that was less interesting.

That’s why we created our company 25 years ago. To help people who don’t want to just book a cookie-cutter itinerary

Our goal is to design a unique safari trip in an enjoyable and collaborative way with you.

For us it’s all about the personal. It’s our job to understand what you are looking for so that we can use our expertise to narrow down the choices and present feasible ideas to you.

You can relax and ENJOY the planning process, when you are collaborating with us.

But once the outline of the trip is decided on, you can leave the nitty gritty planning to us. We’ll come up with all the suggestions for you to review. We’ll make sure all the logistics work out seamlessly.

So that you can move onto other things that bring you joy, safe in the knowledge that your itinerary is all planned perfectly.

What’s the Result?

We’ve helped thousands of people have a truly magical safari experience with their loved ones.

Everyone comes back having had a great time. So many clients say their safari has been their best trip ever!  And travel bonds with family and friends can be some of our strongest and memories.

Plus, we love that tourism in Africa is working WITH nature and local communities and not against it. Tourism drives positive change in Africa. It directly contributes to wildlife conservation and anti-poaching initiatives, improves the rural economy, reduces urbanisation, and helps protect natural habitats. 

Knowing that your efforts have contributed to those life-affirming experience is truly gratifying.

Never be in any doubt that your trip to Africa is helping!

Let’s get started!

So in summary:

  • We are with you every step of the way
  • There are no upfront costs to planning a trip
  • We keep deposit cists to the minimum for peace of mind
  • We can accommodate changes

So don’t carry on delaying getting back to really living. There’s more to life than revisiting the same old places.