Hidden Tanzania with Lake Natron

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Ol Donyo Lengai


Hidden Tanzania

This tailormade Tanzania itinerary aims to show you not only some of the safari highlights of Tanzania. But it also of focuses on some of the scenic and cultural highlights which are often missed on those whistle-stop road safaris.

This is a fantastic and unusual drive-in, fly-out Tanzania safari. The drive in shows you the scenery of northern Tanzania and you get a real sense of the countryside. In a way that a fly-in safari can never do. But we fly out from the Serengeti which cuts down the driving dramatically at the end! So you get the best of both worlds.

In Hidden Tanzania, we take you via Lake Natron and the Rift Valley escarpment up to the northern reaches of the Serengeti. Not only is this a fascinating and very scenic alternative route to the north. But it also allows you to break your safari with some time of either adventure activities or relaxation at Lake Natron.

As this is a tailormade itinerary, we adapt which camps we recommend in the Serengeti by season. So below we give some suggestions of typical camps we may use. But the exact one in your quote will depend on the time of year and thus where the Great Migration is likely to be at that time.

Note: This is ideal

Hidden Tanzania at a Glance

1 night Arusha, Mount Meru Hotel or Onsea House, B&B (or treat yourself to Arusha Coffee Lodge)

1 night Tarangire, Nimali Tarangire, Full Board & Activities

2 nights Ngorongoro Crater, Nepture Ngorongoro Lodge, Full Board & Activities

2 night Lake Natron, Lake Natron Camp, Full Board & Activities

3 nights Northern Serengeti, Karibu River Camp (or Upgrade to Nimali Mara or similar), Full Board & Activities

Time of Year to visit

Given the routing, it is best undertaken when the migration is in the central to northern part of the Serengeti. That is also the nicest time to visit Lake Natron. I would say it is ideal from mid June to September and also good in May, June and October. Many people would find it too hot in Lake Natron in the summer months of November to April. The price below is for June to October and assumes Karibu River Camp. Contact us for a price at a different time of year. Or with Nimali Mara instead.

Tailor-made options

This can be adapted by adding or (to some degree) subtracting nights. We also strongly recommend adding on a few nights on the beach at Zanzibar at the end. You can fly ”direct” from the Serengeti all the way to Zanzibar, just stopping briefly in Arusha on selected days.

Western Tanzania Adventure

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Mbali Mbali Katavi - Wildlife11

Western Tanzania Adventure

For the perfect escape from the crowds, take a week to explore the wild, remote but rewarding Tanzanian National Parks of Katavi and Mahale in Western Tanzania. Both are gloriously scenic but utterly contrasting, linked by convenient safari flights and by the fact that they are both marvellously isolated and little visited.

Where else but Katavi can one enjoy vast herds of buffalo, pools oozing with more hippo than mud and great river bridges of crocodile? And then secure such privileged, exclusive access to chimpanzees so close as in Mahale?

Accommodation at a glance:

Monday departures:

3 nights – Mbali Mbali Katavi, (Full Board & Game Drives)
4 nights – Mbali Mbali Mahale, (Full Board & Game Drives)

Wonderfully remote and un-touristy, Katavi offers a varied landscape of beautiful woodlands, floodplains and arid landscapes. In the dry season, there is nowhere to match Katavi National Park for huge herds of elephant. At any time of the year, the Hippo Pool puts all other hippo pools to shame; hundreds of closely-packed hippos grunting and snorting generally luxuriating in a great, black, sticky mud of hippo waste!

The Mahale National Park is the most remote and one of the smallest of Tanzania’s National Parks, its forested mountain peaks hugging the shore of Lake Tanganyika in Western Tanzania and providing a protected habitat for chimpanzees. Inaccessible by road, Mahale covers an area of approximately 1,600km2. Access is initially by light aircraft, and then by dhow.

Chimpanzee trek in Gombe Stream National Park

Hilly and richly vegetated, Mahale is one of two chimpanzee protection zones in Tanzania; the other is the nearby Gombe Stream National Park. A Japanese research team has habituated one group of Mahale chimpanzees called the Mimikire Clan (out of a total population perhaps approaching a thousand), allowing some excellent sightings.

Don’t expect the reward of a great encounter without some hard walking and climbing! The best time to visit is generally accepted to be the dry season which runs roughly from July to October. It is possible to visit at all times of year, but away from the dry season you can expect the walking to be harder because of the slippery tracks and because the chimpanzees will tend to be further away from the lake shore. Your base here is the lovely Mbali Mbali Mahale.

Tailor-made options:

You can also depart on a Thursday (instead of Monday) in which case you would have 4 nights in Katavi and 3 nights in Mahale. Ending this adventure with 2 night in Zanzibar to relax is perfect!

Contact us today for you Tanzanian Safari Holiday!

Elewana Sky Safari in Kenya

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Elewana Sky Safari in Kenya – Classic or Connoisseur

The Elewana Sky Safari in Kenya actually has two variations in terms of routing. But both share some similarities includes a visit to three of the most popular national parks in northern Tanzania. You stay in some of the finest luxury lodges in Kenya.

The flying aspect

The Elewana Sky safari uses its own dedicated executive light aircraft, rather than the scheduled safari flights. So this makes it particularly convenient and comfortable. The Elewana safari is ideal for those who don’t want to waste time when they could be active! It is not inexpensive but the convenience makes this a popular choice.

Plus there are lots of extra activities and options already included in the Elewana Sky Safari. There are two different itineraries possible, the classic and the connoisseur. The Classic visits Amboseli National Park whereas the Connoisseur routing visits Loisaba. Both include Meru National Park and the Masai Mara.

Elewana Sky Safari at a glance:

1 night Hemingways Nairobi
2 nights Tortilis camp, Amboseli National Park
2 nights Elsa’s Kopje, Meru National Park
Finally 2 nights Sand River Camp, Masai Mara National Park

Elewana Sky Safari Connoisseur at a glance:

1 night Hemingways Nairobi
2 nights Elsa’s Kopje, Meru National Park
2 nights Loisaba, Laikipia
Finally 2 nights Sand River Camp, Masai Mara National Park

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