Self Drive Namibia

A self-drive holiday in Namibia offers a great way to explore the country, and allows you to set the pace…


Self Drive in Namibia

Self drive in Namibia is one of the most rewarding ways to explore Namibia’s contrasting landscapes. It is also one of the more economical and flexible ways to enjoy a Namibia trip.

(Private escorted tours in this vast country are expensive because of the distances involved. Whilst scheduled tours travel at pretty brisk pace and often cover vast distances in a day. All to see the country’s highlights in a very short period of time. Plus they often stay at larger, less interesting hotels and lodges).

But a Namibia self drive holiday allows you to set the pace so that you enjoy the landscapes as you travel through. You can choose the more intimate and smaller country lodges, stay a little longer, and choose what you want to visit. Driving is on the left in Namibia and the excellent road network carries little traffic in this sparsely populated country.

We give three sample self drive holidays in Namibia – however all of these can be tailor-made to suit you.

Tips for Self Drive Namibia

  • To enjoy a fly drive in Namibia, you must enjoy driving, and view the road trip as part of the whole experience. Namibia is a vast country and its marvels are spread throughout the country rather than conveniently located close to each other!
  • Ideally, two people would share the driving on a Namibia self drive.
  • Similarly make sure that you have enough time. We reckon on 3 weeks to see the highlights in both the north and the south. If you only have 2 weeks, you’ll need to leave places out. Or risk needed another holiday to recover from this one!
  • You can mix some Namibia self drive with other modes of transport – you could fly in and out of Sossusvlei by scenic charter flight and then pick up a car in Swakopmund to continue by car. We really recommend this if you are short on time.

Do you need a 4 x 4 for a self-drive in Namibia?

What little rain the desert country of Namibia does get comes during the southern hemisphere summer months from November to March. During this time we do recommend a 4 x 4 rental car. But at other times we usually book an SUV with hight clearance such as a Hyundai ix35 or Toyota Rav.

It’s important to work with an expert when planning a self drive tour to Namibia. Driving in Namibia takes longer than you might expect. Ask us how far you can happily travel in enjoyment rather than in exasperation. We provide detailed directions and a comprehensive itinerary for you.

Also we have also driven on all the roads that we recommend for self drive in Namibia. Talk to us about what suits you….

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