Affordable Safaris

A safari is nearly always more than you want to spend. Faced with this reality, sometimes you may decide to increase your budget but that may not be possible. Here are some of our more affordable safaris and less expensive safari lodges and camps…


Affordable African Safari Options

What on earth do we mean by “Affordable Safaris”? Elsewhere we’ve talked about how a safari is often more than you want to spend. Faced with this reality, sometimes you may decide to increase your budget for the safari, especially if it’s a special trip. But at other times that’s simply not possible.

So here are some of our more affordable African safaris and less expensive game lodges and camps…

These tend to be mainly – though not exclusively – in South Africa. Here the Rand is relatively weak versus the world currencies giving you better value for your money. Also our sample South Africa safaris usually combine a safari with areas such as Cape Town and the Garden Route. This brings down the overall cost. Plus you can opt to self-drive for the non-safari part. This brings down the cost still more.

Elephant in Hwange by Imvelo safaris, example of affordable game lodges and affordable game reserves

What do you get at our affordable game lodges?

In this world of online travel sites, it’s easy to get confused as to why a game lodge is comparatively inexpensive. All game reserves are NOT created equal. So if a game lodge seems very reasonable, you need to ask why? When choosing an affordable African safari, we steer clear of the lesser game reserves. (They may say they are Big Five reserves but how many of each species do they really have? And are they free-roaming?) You are looking for a proper safari and not a zoo experience.

Instead we focus on the affordable game lodges which are in good game-viewing areas. The accommodation will be simpler, the food more of the home-cooked variety. Yes, the guiding may be a little less refined. But you will be on safari in the same terrain as much more expensive lodges, tracking the same wildlife. Similarly some of the lesser known and thus affordable game reserves offer a fantastic safari experience. That’s why you need to talk to the safari experts! (End of small rant.)

As long as you have the correct expectations, these affordable lodges can be every bit as good as their pricier cousins.

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